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Cowboy offensive coordinator Lenhan will stay

In 2019, leading the cowboy offensive group will still be Scott Linehan.

US Time Monday, Jason Garrett revealed in the radio, Lenhan will continue to coach cowboy.

Galert said: “In our expectations, there will be no major changes in the coach.”

Because of the lack of creativity, plus the red zone of the cowboy, wholesale jerseys for sale Lenhan is not too good in the mind of the fans. This season, cheap nfl jerseys the cowboy has proposed the code number ranking line 22, and the score ranks on the 20th.

After the deal was obtained, Amari Cooper was obtained, the cowboy offense has improved. But on Saturday playoff, they lost 22-30 lost to Los Angeles, ending the playoffs journey. The star running Weqiger-Ezekie Elliott only promotes 47 yards. The total number of cowbits is only 308, 10 three-speed conversion only once, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and the season is new.

Lane Han joined the cowboy in 2015, and the team has reached his career in the race.