What is the syllabus for SSC CGL and how to cover it in a month?

Lakhs of students appear for the SSC CGL exam every year. However, there are only around 8,000 vacancies for the CGL posts. This is one of the most respected jobs that SSC offers. Although the syllabus is quite simple, you need to allot enough for preparation. With the right kind of approach, you can finish the entire SSC CGL syllabus within a month.

What is the syllabus of the CGL exam?

The CGL exam happens in four phases – Tier-1, 2, 3, and 4. The candidates have to clear all four exams separately. The Tier-1 & 2 exams are objective-type and are conducted online. The Tier-3 exam is a descriptive written exam. Tier-4 is a computer-skill exam.

The Tier-1 exam comprises the following subjects:

  • Logical Thinking and Reasoning
  • General Awareness
  • English Language
  • Numerical Aptitude

The Tier-2 exam comprises four different papers. They are as follows:

  • English Language and Comprehension
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Statistics
  • General Studies ( Finance & Economics)

Tier-3 is a descriptive exam and contains writing tasks such as Letter, article, or essay writing. You can write them in English or Hindi. The Tier-4 tests computer skills such as DEST (Data Entry Speed Test) and CPT (Computer Proficiency Test).

What is the exam pattern for the CGL exams?

The candidates need to clear all four exams to attain a CGL job post. However, the candidates may give the Tier-3 examination without the results of the Tier-2 exam. But your Tier-3 answer sheet will be assessed only if you clear the combined cut-off for the first two exams.


The Tier-1 exam contains 100 objective-type questions. It is the Preliminary CGL exam. The maximum mark allowed for this paper is 200 and the time duration is 1 hour. A negative marking of 0.5 is applied for every wrong answer. Listed below is the subject-wise weightage of Tier-1 examination:

  • Logical Thinking and Reasoning – 50 marks
  • General Awareness – 50 marks
  • English Language – 50 marks
  • Numerical Aptitude – 50 marks


The Tier-2 exam comprises four exams. Each of them has a time duration of 2 hours. The four different papers are English Language and Comprehension, Statistics, Quantitative Ability, and General Studies. The maximum mark allowed for each paper is 200. The negative marking applied for each wrong answer is 0.5, except for the English Language paper, where the negative marking is 0.25.

Following are the important topics covered in the respective papers:

  • English Language and Comprehension – Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, Active/Passive voice, word substitution, comprehension reading, and error correction.
  • Statistics – Measures of central tendency, Measures of dispersion, Statistical data collection and classification, moments, kurtosis, and skewness.
  • Quantitative Ability – Whole numbers, decimals, Algebra, Trigonometry, Linear equations, Congruence and similarity of triangles, Profit, loss, interest, square roots, time, and distance.
  • General Studies –
  1. Finance: Financial accounting and Basic concepts of accounting.
  2. Economics: Theory of production and cost, Indian economy, Theory of demand and supply, Basics of economics, introduction to microeconomics, Economic reforms in India and money and banking.


The Tier-3 exam requires the candidates to write descriptively. The question paper may require a letter, essay, or article writing. Moreover, you can write this exam in either English or Hindi. The maximum mark allowed for this exam is 100. The time duration is 1 hour. However, the extended time allotted for candidates belonging to the PWD category is 80 minutes. Candidates interested in the CGL positions of Compiler and Statistical Investigator Grade-2 can give this exam.


This exam tests the computer skills of the aspirants. Moreover, these skills are necessary for some job positions. Following are the proficiency skills that the Tier-4 exam comprises:

  • The DEST (Data entry speed test) analyzes the typing speed of the aspirant. The candidate has to type an article given to them on a computer. The exam requires the candidates to type 2000 words within 15 minutes. Generally, the post of a Tax assistant requires this skill.
  • The CPT (Computer Proficiency Test) analyzes the Presentation skills, knowledge of spreadsheets, and word document skills of the candidate. Besides, jobs like MEA, CSS, and Inspectors in various departments require this skill.

How to cover the CGL Tier-1 syllabus in one month?

The syllabus of the CGL Tier-1 exam is very basic. Hence, preparing for this exam will take you just a month. You just have to be consistent in your studies and dedicated revision with BYJU’s Exam Prep with give you best results. Given below is a detailed one–month study plan for the CGL Tier-1 exam:

1Number System, Analogy, Spotting Errors,History, Geography
2Solve mock tests for the topics of Day 1, History, Geography
3Percentages, Mathematical Operations, Fill in the Blanks, Geography, Indian Culture
4Solve mock tests for the topics of Day 3, Geography, Indian Culture
5Ratio, Proportion, and Mixture, Classification, Antonyms, Indian Culture, Environment
6Solve mock tests for Day 5 topics, Solve previous year papers,Indian Culture, Environment
7Averages and Data Interpretation, Series, Synonyms, Environment, Economics
8Solve mock tests for Day 7 topics, Solve previous year papers, Environment, Economics
9Simple & Compound Interest, and Trigonometry, Odd one out, Spelling Errors, Economics, India Politics,
10Solve mock tests for Day 9 topics, Solve previous year papers, Economics, India Politics
11Profit, Loss, and Discount, Statement & Conclusions, Idioms and Phrases, Indian Politics, Physics
12Solve mock tests for Day 11 topics, Solve previous year papers, Indian Politics, Physics
13Mixture and Allegation, Direction Sense test, One-word substitution, Physics, Chemistry
14Solve mock tests for Day 13 topics, Solve previous year papers, Physics, Chemistry
15Time and Distance, Logic Sequence of Words and Puzzle Test, Sentence Improvement, Chemistry, Biology
16Solve mock tests for Day 15 topics, Solve previous year papers, Chemistry, Biology
17Time and Work, Coding-Decoding, Active/Passive Voice, Biology, Computer
18Solve mock tests for Day 17 topics, Solve previous year papers, Biology, Computer
19PartnershipMatrix, Embedded Figure, Direct/Indirect Speech, Computer, Important dates
20Solve mock tests for Day 19 topics, Solve previous year papers, Computer, Important dates
21Algebra, Blood Relations, Cloze Test, Sports, Important dates
22Solve mock tests, Solve previous year papers, Sports, Important dates
23Geometry, Reading Comprehension, Mirror Image and Paper Folding & Cutting, Sports, Current Affairs
24Solve mock tests, Solve previous year papers, Sports, Current Affairs
25Mensuration, Venn Diagrams and Completion of Incomplete Patterns, Para-jumbles, Current affairs, History
26Solve mock tests, Solve previous year papers, Current affairs, History
27Solve previous years’ papers
28Solve previous years’ papers

Good Luck!