What is the origin of the Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

In past years, a man named NA Mohammad came to Karnataka. Without a single penny, he came. He had big dreams and achievements; he wants to do something for him and his family. As per his dreams, he fulfilled all those and he becomes so popular among the people by using his business strategies.

He had a great mind in doing business, he troubled and learn so much. By using his experience in different fields, he develops his business across India. With the help of his business development, he had joined the Congress party. After a few days, Mohammad Haris Nalapad becomes a great politician and prosperous leader in the congress group. He got so familiar with both business and politics. Let see about his full history and his family in this article.

Where he came from?

He wanted to start a new life, so he packed his things from Kerala, and then he moved to Karnataka. In that city, he stayed in a district named Shivamogga. He started his business by setting up a metal store. He struggled so much and then his shop runs great among people. After a few days, he was stable economically. But his heart and mind have not satisfied with that business. He desires to do something especially for him and his family, so he wished to do something different and interesting.

A few years have passed, after that Mohammad Haris Nalapad again packed and moved to Bengaluru, and started to live in Vijayanagar. He again wanted to start a new business, so he thinks cleverly and started a new shop called buttermilk, which is on the location called Vasanth Nagar. On that retailing also, he had earned so much money with his clever mind. After that, with his ideas and plans, he begins to start so many stores and shops such as keeping hotels, schools, etc.

Don’t think that only, he also had the opportunity to manage the government contract such as construction projects, etc. By starting so many things like this, people started to know about him better. He has grown very well in wealth, earning money, and also among people all over India. Due to such reasons, he also started to deal with the gangster in the city. He earned more benefits by having both equal manpower and money power.

How he came to the Congress party?

Apart from business, he always wanted to participate in politics. That’s the ambition of him for so many days. With the help of his money and his gang, he had an opportunity to enter politics. He wished to participate in the elections in Karnataka.

He started to have a close friendship with the new people who are all called millionaire politicians in congress. With the help of those politicians, he had a chance to participate in the MLA election. As soon he got selected by the people and he seated in that position.

Most of the people on the congress don’t like his growth in politics. He started a charity and helped so much of the people who are all suffering from poverty.

Why did he start too avoided by the congress leaders?

For some situations and reason, he was arrested by the government, after that issue, congress politicians started to avoid him. He applies for bail so many times, but he regularly got rejected by the court. After so many troubles, he came to seat cleverly. His son also wanted to enter politics, now he is trying for the father position.