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What is the most effective calendar app for the iPhone?

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I would like to recommend our calendar app– Dayhaps for your calendar needs — and this is why:
• Dayhaps displays calendar events from all of the calendars that your iOS device supports.

• You can also work with these events directly from the app. In addition, all events you create with Dayhaps can be displayed on your iOS calendar. You can choose which of your calendars show events in Dayhaps, and they are color-coded for your convenience.

• Many different types of dated items created in Dayhaps can be displayed on your calendar (not just events). These include: tasks, projects, searching things, appointments, reminders/ios reminders, notes, checklists, expenses, bills, trips, guests and inbox things.

• You can log many activities with the Dayhaps calendar. This includes fitness, nutrition, health stats, medication, wellness and custom activities for goals that you create.

• The Agenda View shows what’s important today, tomorrow and the next seven days. In addition, it unifies to do lists, reminders and tasks — giving you access to everything in one place — with one glance.

• Monthly calendar view includes drag-and-drop capabilities.

• It includes 8 different calendar views including an Agenda, two day views, two weekly views, two monthly views, and a yearly view.

• It includes excellent search capabilities for calendar items.

• It allows you to create very flexible recurring tasks and appointments, including custom schedules beyond what’s available from the stock iOS calendar app.

• It is a universal app for iPhone and iPad and includes device-to-device sync via Dropbox and other cloud services.

• With in-app purchase, you can convert email messages to tasks, projects, appointments and more and display these items on your Dayhaps calendar.

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