What is Forex Trading? Discovering Tips on Trading and Socializing

Since the discovery of e-trading, most of not all of the forex traders have become home lovers because they’ve seen the beauty of earning while enjoying the comfort of their homes. So, “What is Forex Trading?” Does it pose a threat to the health of the people who are involved in such a field? Or, is there something that we can do to lessen if not eliminate the ill effects.

The disadvantage of too much exposure to gadgets

Our fast-paced lifestyle has opened opportunities to the utilization of technologies for a hassle-free and faster accomplishment of tasks. In the trading world, some traders think that staying in front of their gadgets for several hours will increase their chance to earn profit. Contrary to this belief, both health and trading experts do not recommend over usage of electronic gadgets such as tablets, cellphones and laptops because aside from over-trading, there are other health issues that spring from gadget overusage. Below are some of the expected problems that one may face when using your gadgets for very long hours.

1.Digital Eye Strain

This is a certain feeling of having tired or irritated eyes after spending long hours of focus on an intense eye activity such as viewing a computer screen or cellphone, reading a book or watching television.

2.Musculoskeletal problems

Problems on your neck, shoulder and spine may be experienced when you take a long period of time looking at your gadget and holding your head unnaturally while leaning forward. Experts say that staying in this position for a very long time will stress your muscles and bones.


The blue light that is emitted by the screens of electronic gadgets may disrupt the production of melatonin and this affects your body clock. The temptation to tinker your cellphone while trying to hit the sack will just make your brain think of so many things instead of relaxing.

How do we solve this problem?

With the three health problems that were mentioned in this article, we can conclude that trading for 24 hours a day and 5 days a week is possible but it is not strongly recommended because such action will bring you more harm than good. Traders should therefore have a life which is beyond facing computer screens and calculating profits or losses. We bring you two  tips that you can do to enjoy both social and trading life at the same time.

1.Balance your time

While your profit is essential towards obtaining financial security, you should never forget that your health and loved ones should be your topmost priority. Make sure that you spend quality time doing your favorite relaxation activity to recharge yourself from the energy that was lost from trading. Having a fixed schedule for your trading sessions and leisure time will help a lot.


Your world is not just confined to the premises of your workstation. Always remember that you have friends, relatives or even colleagues that you can talk to. If you feel that you do not have so much time to go out and socialize with them then virtual short talks or chats via phone calls will do.

Final Note:

The true essence of knowing “What is Forex Trading?” Is not a task that turns you into a slave of your trading gadgets. The idea behind knowing that the FX market is open almost every day and every hour tells you that you have several times to catch your profits so spending quality time for yourself and the people around you won’t disrupt your trading career. In fact, it will even make it better.