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49 people future star line 卫 Poland announced retirement

Another player in the peak period left cheap jerseys nfl free shipping. San Francisco 49 People’s New Show Wires Bath Borland announced that he will retire at an interview with ESPN Monday. The team has also confirmed later.

Poland served on the injured professional bowl on the top of the season, Patrick Willis, cheap nfl jerseys online was served, and the number of squaders were taken at the end of the season. When referring to the reasons cheap football jerseys for sale retiring, Poland said: “I want is my health. After my research and the situation you have experienced, it is not worthy of my life to take risks.”

At the age of 24, Poland was hopped in the eighth grade of the second grade to play an olive ball in the high school, and he was also suffered once in the rookie training camp last year, cheap jerseys but because he considers him as a third round of the 49 people. He passed.

A season, even if he became the best defensive player of the Willis season after the reimbursement of the Willis season, even if he got the best defensive player in the country, even if he was nominated, the best defensive new show, it could not shake him retired. determination.

49 people lost Willis a week ago, this week lost Poland, the soldiers in the Line guards turned into a shortcoming, and it seems that the team will be busy.