Want To Have A More Appealing Golf? Read This!

WE WON THE “BEST COMMERCIAL GARDEN” ENCOMPASSING ALL OF THE GARDENS ON THE GOLF COURSE – FIRSTLY GAINING FINALIST STAGE IN THAT CATEGORY. Custom built clocks specially made for srixon personalized golf balls industry is the best choice as they are solar panel fitted and self sustained for power. Private courses are not open to the public. We had a good turn up for F-Troop this morning considering it was the final day of the US Open which we would all liked to have watched. The Course was open but no carts were allowed on & the course was very wet. The course is draining well with just a couple of wet fairways and soft spots. We are all well and truly “over” all this wet weather so let’s hope there is some lovely warm sunshine and a brisk breeze around the corner so our course can snap back into top condition. You can definitely find here numbers of golf courses.

I think we all looked in disbelief when we woke up this morning to find that more rain had fallen overnight and further small showers happened through the day. It was the Ladies Closing Day – Christmas Day. In a sometimes desperate attempt to lighten up the day we answered the challenge this year with some Christmas Tree outfits to outdo the previous years Christmas Fairies. There were a lot of Christmas Theme golfers out playing today which was good to see. In any case investing such a great amount of energy playing golf, particularly doing the things you cherish can positively make you forget about your troubles or cares. We have our hands full preparing the gardens for the Garden Competition which is somewhere near the end of August/early September so you will see a lot of garden activity in the next few months so we can be at our shining best.

You are Suzi and your best friend “Ana” is missing and the only evidence you have is that “Ana” was seen near this mansion, that the former owner of the property was killed by local residents for being accused of kidnapping and killing a girl. The greens are in great shape so some “dry” weather is all that is required for the rest of the course. I am wishing for some lovely weather to complement the excellent condition of my home course. I received a very generous donations of lovely succulent plants from Ron Gowing (Club Member)last week – Thanks Ron! Our playing partners today were Col & Kay Adams & we had a lovely day on the village green. I filled in my day in the gardens & did see a few social golfers having a hit but it would have been hard going. The story led to an outpouring of support for the actor on social media, including messages of concern over his health and best wishes for a swift recovery.

One of the best approaches to select your ideal iron is to try them out. Hit the best shot all the time. By increasing weight on the outer part of right foot hit the shot. More often than not, when a golfer prepares for his drive with the mind-set of, “I am going to crush this ball,” the result is a poorly hit drive that hooks way out of bounds or never gets far off the tee at all. We have a little bit more fussing to do & this garden will then be complete. Nothing more disappointing then to go out for an enjoyable day on the links just to be waiting on every shot. With only four holes remaining, the Beith duo needed to produce the same kind of magic that had seen then fight back from dormie five down in a previous round to win at the third extra hole, and Robert Marshall gave his team a chance with a superb second shot to the green which finished five feet to the left of the hole. The boys set to work with the tractor and utes to pick up rubbish on the course that had been sitting for the last two weeks and then picked up some timber for firewood that had been donated to us from Wyoming.