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Rogers: Packers fans once again fall in love with Favre

The last time Brett – Favre (Brett Favre) when playing in Green Bay, he was the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, but also by the Packers entertain the fans booed when his fate. But times have changed.

In last year’s NFL awards ceremony, the current starting quarterback Favre and the Packers Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) appear together. Favre admitted recently broke up with the Packers in the process he is at fault and look forward cheap shipping to china Rogers broke his own record of discipline.

And nfl game jerseys cheap Rogers is excited about the upcoming elected Favre Packers Hall of Fame, he said Packers fans once again fall in love with Favre, just like the original, like when Favre as the Packers starting quarterback in the NFL official website of the program. Rogers said that when Favre was selected Packers Hall of Fame this weekend, he’ll get a warm welcome. “I hope he will be welcomed deserve. I’m sure he will,” Rogers said.

Rogers also said he has personally enthusiastic attitude toward Favre, he thought a quarterback Favre taught him how to lead the team. Maybe sometimes Rogers once and cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale for Favre Packers fans have nothing good impression, but the moment had passed.