Three Digital Marketing Interview Questions You Should Know

If you’re someone looking to start a career in digital marketing, the prospect of giving an interview can be daunting. There is an arbitrary gap between the theoretical knowledge a fresher may have about digital marketing and the type of practical skills necessary to be hired. This gap is often what is discussed in a typical digital marketing interview, leaving interviewees in the lurch during crunch moments.

The existence of this gap is largely driven by a lack of focus on teaching students practical skills related to digital marketing. In most institutes in the field, there is not enough emphasis to teach students how to use core digital marketing skills in the field properly.

This, in turn, leads to many students not having a great experience in a typical digital marketing interview. Being a field driven by its practical nature, no company can afford to hire a digital marketer with little to no grasp over the general practicalities of working in a digital marketing campaign.

This has led to the rise of e-commerce marketing which is essentially an amalgamation of digital marketing and e-commerce. The sole focus of e-commerce marketing is to put in place the right marketing practices to ensure increase in digital visibility and a growth in revenues as a result.

In this article, we discuss three important digital marketing questions normally asked in an interview and the right answer to them.

Question 1: How Are Keywords Selected for a Digital Marketing Campaign?

Keywords are normally selected to bring the focus of a campaign around a few targets. The role of keywords is largely influential in search marketing, covering both SEO and SEM.

While selecting keywords, digital marketers have to evaluate whether ranking a particular keyword is possible. Short-tail keywords are usually very difficult to rank, even if marketers manage to create content that abides all SEO guidelines. This is because short-tail keywords tend to have high competition and are usually controlled by websites with high DA. For example, if a lone blogger is running a news website, outranking the New York Times on a popular issue with a small-tail keyword is very difficult. However, with a long-tail keyword, doing so is possible as the searchers are looking for a specific type of content bigger websites may have glanced over.

Question 2: What Is The Role of Content in Digital Marketing?

Content forms the basis of a digital marketing campaign, allowing marketers to message to the target audience more effectively. The general misconception regarding content is its importance being limited to blog content and articles only.

Content marketing is an important part of a typical digital marketing campaign. By creating engaging content, every part of a digital marketing campaign can be improved.

Question 3: What are the best ways to get backlinks?

The best way to get relevant backlinks is by using guest posting. By definition, guest posting is a practice that allows marketers to write a blog post for another website and attach a backlink in the process.

The reason guest posting is the best way to create backlinks is that it brings in additional traffic to the website while also creating a useful backlink. The backlink obtained through guest posting is usually do-follow, making it much more lucrative than the likes of link-building.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three questions normally asked in a digital marketing interview. Students shouldn’t rote learn these answers and instead present their own perspective while sticking to the fundamentals.

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