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Cowboy does not have enough salary space to leave Murray

As Dallas Denim News explodes them will take over DEZ BRYANT to use the privilege label, wholesale china free shipping it seems that the team will be increasingly impossible to keep running Guard Marker – Murray.

The denim salary of the sniper season is $ 40 million, and the salary is only $ 1 million, considering the situation of Brest and Murray, it will be a person who will become a free market. The next lunar season Dallas is bound to lay off, to ensure that the salary space is sufficient, and wholesale nfl jerseys it is a big problem for Jerry Jones.

If you think from the team’s development perspective, give up Murray means that the next season needs to continue to draft running guards, but in 2015, it is destined to be a scarce running guard, and Dallas’s draft sign is only the second round and third rounds.

So in any case, once the privilege label of Bryant is confirmed, cheap nike jerseys online then Murray will go to the free market.