The new leader in the mid-tier smartphone space; Vivo mobiles

With the fast-paced advancement that we are seeing today in the technological realm, mobile phones, it seems, have attached themselves to the everyday new changes happening around us. Smartphones have become so deep-seated in our lives that going anywhere without them seems something out of the ordinary. Texting or calling our known is now the basics of basic feature in a mobile phone that no one pays a second glance towards. No one needs to carry notepads to their meetings or carry maps to travel on the road less travelled because every imaginable feature is right there in their pocket. From seeing the face of our loved ones within seconds to finding the recipes for instant noodles or top-class dishes in an instant, everything is available on the device known as a smartphone. One such mobile brand that has attached itself to the hip with the fast-paced technological advancement in the smartphone industry is Vivo Mobiles.


With over 200 million global users and 6 Research and Development Centers across the world, Vivo has taken the job of being a brand with leading technology quite seriously. They have the aim to develop technology that is innovative so as to solve the user pain points and which will help them distinguish themselves from their competitors.


Vivo mobile has 4 global manufacturing bases out of which one is in India. Even though Vivo mobiles entered the Indian smartphone market less than a decade ago, i.e. in 2014, it has quickly captured the attention of the youth of our country. Having a manufacturing base in the country has given the Vivo mobile prices in India a competitive edge.With budget mobile phones like the U series and Y series, or the state of the art smartphones and relatively on the expensive side X series, Vivo Mobiles have an extensive range when it comes to mobile phone prices.


Vivo mobile phones are known for their extraordinary camera. The Vision + initiative of the Vivo mobiles is a global initiative that endorses their long term commitment to leadership in mobile photography technology. This concept focuses on celebrating its user’s emotions and culture. Photography as an art has changed a lot in the last decade or so. In the present time, it is not just about capturing just a few special moments of our life but it is about showcasing how special our lives are. Vivo aims to seamlessly bring together its camera innovation leadership and its user’s passion for photography.


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Despite the fact that Vivo mobiles are known for their brilliant camera, it does not end here. The latest Vivo mobile phone has recently expanded its 5G portfolio, by introducing it in the Y series and V series. Some of the smartphones even come with 256 GB of internal memory, storage space up to 8 GB and battery capacity as high as 5000 mAh. Vivo mobiles are the first brand to unveil the first Half Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology on Vivo ApexTMin the world. It also has Screen Sound Casting Technology and an Elevating Front Camera.