The Land of The Nepalese- Nepal

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Nepal is a landlocked country sandwiched between the People’s Republic of China and India. It is situated in the lap of the Himalayas and is blessed with a rich geography. This country is home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains which include the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest (Sagarmatha).

Nepal is famous around the world for its natural beauty. Much of Nepal beauty has been undisturbed by human interference. This is one of the few places in today’s world where you will find natures beauty in the most pure form. You will not find many busy cosmopolitan cities and manmade marvels in here. This place attracts travelers from around the world only with its heavenly natural charm and this is the only thing that makes this place special from others. Every year a good number of travelers and adventure seekers visit this place in order to come close to Mother Nature. Read more about Top Six Treks in Nepal.

The rich culture, traditions and religiosity adds to the charm of this beautiful land. The history of this place can be felt in every corner of this place. The mysticism that surrounds this place can be felt with every encounter of yours with this place.

Nepal is also considered as a very important adventure destination. The mighty Himalayas have blessed this land with excellent landscapes, deep valleys, snow covered peaks, raging rivers etc. All these factors add to make this country more adventure packed. This land is regularly visited by adventure seekers and mountaineers. This land also offers enough adventure sports like bungee jumping, jungle safari, mountain biking, paragliding, rafting trekking etc. Trekking and mountaineering are the most famous activities here. Foreigners from the western world can be found in this country throughout the year.

Apart from the adventurous places this place also has a lot of tourist destinations for culture lovers and beauty lovers. Kathmandu the capital of this country can be considered as one of the most important destinations in Nepal. It can also be regarded as the most developed city in Nepal. Kathmandu tours are much famous among the culture lovers. This place is filled with colourful culture, rich history, religiousness and most importantly the very simple Nepalese people. Other places that have made their mark in the tourism industry of Nepal are Pokhra, Patan, Janakpur, Bhaktapur, Chitwan National Park, Gorkha, Tansen etc.

These places also serve as the destinations for honeymoon in Nepal. As already said, this place gives the beauty of nature in its purest form and this purity is loved by many honeymoon couples. This place just takes them close to nature away from the busy technological cities. It just takes you to your roots. You will get enough time to spend with your partner and you will receive the maximum of privacy here.

This gift of the Himalayas can be enjoyed more completely by choosing a Nepal tour package. These packages are provided to you by the travel agencies and tourism departments. Everything from your official duties to your accommodation will be taken care of. You will be allowed to choose your destinations and places of stay in these packages. Travelling along with your flights will be handled by the respective agencies which you have chosen. Anything from a 2-3 days trip to an 8-9 days trip are available in these packages. If you want to explore this land more, than special packages can be designed to fit according to your needs.

This land always welcomes you with a warm smile and a clear heart.

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