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Mothers in the eyes of NFL players

What makes holes like Enda Mu – Su (Ndamukong Suh), Travis – and Jenson Kells – Kells (Travis and Jason Kelce) and Brandon – NFL players such as Marshall (Brandon Marshall) to maintain long-lasting vitality? Their mother knows best.

Enda Mu hole – the Soviet Union.

The name is the quarterback’s nightmare.

However, in the minds of someone, this six-foot-high four weight 305 lbs of Dolphins defensive monster is another way.

“Oh, he’s a people want to embrace the children.” Bernadette – Su (Bernadette Suh) said of her son, “Sometimes we watch TV together, either he hugged me, I either lying around. “

Su boy growing period in Portland, Oregon, but not interested in architecture, he prefers to study how – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) on the ground.

“He was very observant, very creative, like to play. When Lego’s very creative.” Bernadette said. “He is very miraculous.”

As fans is concerned, we fell in love with them after these athletes into the NFL, he finds fault with them, singing the praises of a full range of analysis on them. When they brought us a surprise when we generous words of praise, but sometimes, they could not indirectly led fantasy team victory, we attacked them mercilessly.

We do not fully understand these people, but raised their women to understand. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we interviewed the mother of three NFL players to explore the authenticity of their son’s love.

Before spotlight

Donna – Kells (Donna Kelce) from a special family.

She reared two wholesale nfl jerseys players. First, Jason, from the Eagles’ Pro Bowl center, and Travis, the chief’s Pro Bowl player, tight end in the league and one of the most exciting.

Donna recalled that her sons were young to play with “very dynamic”, that kind of momentum can simply demolished the house!

“When they went to college, I think the general with a raise,” So when Donna comes to the family budget spent on eating, “because this is the home to the bulk of the cost. High school diet? They sit down a whole will be able to eat a whole chicken, a cylinder or swallowed lasagna (lasagna). they omnivorous. “

This has implications for other aspects of childhood is when brothers double dynamic, which makes Donna outside their home in Cleveland, juggle, bruised and battered.

“Feisty. Early beginning, they very active, and very smart.” Donna said. “They have a lot of things feel emotions, I also know that if they let work again, our house will be dismembered a. they often fight childhood, and often play together. basement stood a lot of broken glass, they put the puck with every window broken victories. “

Donna spent a lot of time to teach her little sons in a “tolerant” attitude to their friends and get along in the NFL this quality so that they become the captain of their team. This far-reaching impact on their athletic career.

“They Wanbian any sport you can think of,” Donna said, “Two people were worked very stubborn people, they are very positive, because they hate to lose. I do not know if this is a natural or they encourage each other other’s products. “

Similar court passion also appeared in Brandon – Marshall him. 33-year-old wide receiver is about to usher in the first 12 NFL seasons.

“WYSIWYG, his character has been so.” Marshall’s mother, Diane – Bolden (Diane Bolden), “said Brandon was 3 years old when he already knew where to drive forward his own 3-year-old. when I told him it is going to do. and I assure you, all the things that have been said year-old child he realized he amazing. “

When indulging in a small hole Enda Mu Lego, Brandon has other important thing to do.

“(He likes) demolition thing. Is not a multi-rod hobby.” Diane said, “Brandon wanted a BMX bike as his brother. We said yes, as long as his remaining time this semester to learn, too high score, then gave him to buy cheap wholesale from china a BMX BMX & hellip;. & hellip; one day I came home from get off work after seeing Brandon stay in the yard, the side that has been disassembled bicycle that is too fragmented Brandon. hobbies, things apart and putting it back, such as vacuum cleaners, other things, too. “

After Brandon was born in Pittsburgh, Diane one soon moved south to Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

“4-year-old Brandon, I and his father divorced his sister, 2-year-old, 6-year-old brother..” Diane recalls “The day must go to the grocery store, but we live in the outskirts of & hellip; & hellip; everyone there are farmers. Since we do not have transportation, can only walk to the grocery store. 4 miles back and forth, I will never forget that day. “

“Upon arrival, I told Brandon and his brother, & lsquo; You see, we left $ 14 can take a taxi to go back, or go back again to walk two miles to have a ice cream shop, we can get something to eat & rsquo..; Brandon said, & lsquo;. mom, we were walking back to buy ice cream & rsquo; “

“Long story short, we arrived after the ice cream shop, I fell to the ground, tears streaming out of my two sons came over to ask me & lsquo;. Mom, how the how you crying & rsquo;?? Because I feel bad that day .. as if the temperature does not cool hundred, no trees, nothing Brandon told me: & lsquo; mom, your son will be fine is not a waste, looked like nothing had from now. start, you no longer hard to walk & rsquo; & hellip; & hellip; this is Brandon, who have remained, whenever my mind melancholy, I think of that day. “.

The great secret talks

Before receiving vocational scouted separately, these players are in their own backyard, parks, etc., from low-level competitive playing & mdash; & mdash; in the mother’s custody.

Bernadette – see Enda Mu Su hole “very, very coordinated at his age,” but wound up on the world rugby family is still unclear.

“To be honest, I never thought of high school before he could reach that height now because he only started playing football until sophomore.” Bernadette said. “I thought he’d become like basketball, football player. He 3 years old when he began playing football, showing excellent coordination, feeling good spot & hellip;. & hellip; in sports that regard, he is the kind of sport, whether children enjoy tetherball (tetherball), or pass each other. ride all the same. he was particularly active child. “

“Rugby high school he was in contact with, mainly because of & mdash; & mdash; although he has the kind of physique & mdash; & mdash; but I do not want him to play because, for me, this movement too rough I was just thinking. I do not let my kids play football, too brutal. do not understand the sport, led me eventually he decided to play football exceptionally difficult. but it is really from the heart he would like to participate in sport, so, a long time, I think & hellip; & hellip;. I allowed him to play ball, but at that time, he was robust enough aging, understand the game itself so I think he can better protect themselves. “.

Kells at home, Donna know their two children sport as guiding North Star. Jenson and Travis seems to already know that they will be of great achievement in this field.

“.. I think they are very small when he started to believe it and never doubted that,” Donna said, “I remember in their break time to say, & lsquo; good practice signatures, because you have to sign a lot of growing up . of & rsquo; but I did not foresee the future, I just think they’re better than the people around them, they did not expect to reach the national level. “

As Kells brothers, Marshall crazy obsessed with sports.

“Filled with football, baseball, tennis in my truck, you can think of there.” Diane said, “anything can make him relish playing there. When he burn our fitness and then go home, give him take a shower, go to bed earlier, he indulged all day. “

On the stage

We would sit watching from afar, never met a player to cast a cheer or contempt. However, if your child is one of the athletes, everything is different now.

Football violence inherent element so that parents tortured, after watching his son endure the pain of the injury will not feel better.

. “I would have been thinking about these things,” Bernadette – Su said, “I pray every game, every game, thanks to God (Enda Mu hole) he was okay & hellip; & hellip; I really I do not want to go wrong & hellip; & hellip; my mind has been wandering these ideas. “

Donna – Kells has been watching the children suffered major injuries hit experience. Travis in the first year of the Emirates are used to recover from microfracture surgery, but Jenson in 2012 under her mother witnessed tore his ACL.

“That game against the Ravens game, very tough game.” Donna recalls, “when he was pulled off the truck looked, I realized how much he independent when I asked him & lsquo;. I need help ? you do & rsquo; he answered & lsquo; no, Mommy, I can of & rsquo;.. I then realized that two children have been independent, they have the ability to deal with things. “

Apart from these tensions, the game itself but also to the mothers provides unparalleled experience: witness the children chase a dream. Donna this to say: “In general, it’s a great game on Sunday only, or I see them on TV, or see them in reality they all live on the outside, I miss them & hellip; & hellip; this will. is a demanding career, so I can spend time together and they are exceptionally rare. “

To Diane – Bolden, these emotions often come before Brandon play.

“I can show you a good example.” She said, “that he was against the Miami Dolphins, we’re going on the balcony elevator. I saw four little boy wearing his jersey, I instantly lose control , almost crying with joy. “

They were children

Today’s NFL, you can instantly make 20-year-olds to become a millionaire, a house and a car. Shortly adult players to face the temptation of feasting immediately.

This will make it moms awake at night?

. “I did not worry about these things,” Donna – Kells said, “I taught them for their own social considerations are proud of & mdash; & mdash; the focus is how to integrate into the community, respect other people’s time, to maintain tolerance.”

Donna had looked at his son’s emotional life TV & mdash; & mdash; Travis took part in last year called “Catching Kelce” a dating show. Program provides a set of 50 for those who hope that the name of Pro Bowl players able to find true love.

“He was living in a small market, you have to do the right thing.” Donna said, “is not a long career, you have to work caused a sensation in a short time. He knows it will make his name spread farther, people will start to know what he is, he can turn to understand others. “

In the early career of the notorious Soviet Union it is not difficult, although most are not its concern wish. Because he was aggressive on the court action & mdash; and submerged criticism; & mdash; sometimes foul play & mdash; & mdash.

Bernadette – Su acknowledged around these remarks Enda Mu holes made her very tangled.

“When he first came into the league, I was very nervous, because I heard the commentator team of other players comment. I do not know how they would say my own children.” Bernadette said, “After the game, I can not wait to news, magazines, radio & hellip; & hellip; any mention of his remarks have read it, listen to it again almost his career in the third year, when some remarks & mdash;. & mdash; people will it than doing what & mdash; & mdash; let I am very troubled by the end, I find a day to bring the things I read about him and he told me & lsquo;.. mom, you should not read about that & rsquo;. I listened to his words. “

No matter how you think of the Soviet Union, because one or two exaggerated punishment to conclude that he is a bad guy, and certainly not appropriate.

“I think sometimes they say those things about my child’s not true. They are imagining.” Bernadette said, “because I really heard the narrator comes to certain things, I would think they really my children are saying? they do not understand my children, because it says that person is not raised me in. “

In Bernadette’s eyes, Enda Mu hole I have never been praised or criticized by my career. She said: “I think, basically, he is still the same as before,” he is very humble. “

Marshall has been in the alliance for more than 10 years, and the world witnessed his shift. His career has a life in the future, in 2011, this outer jewelry announced that he was diagnosed with marginal personality disorder (Borderline Personality Disorder).

“He is very disappointed.” Diaian-Borden said, “That is to tell you, he gave me the public before the TV, first gave me the phone. I told him: & lsquo; son I don’t think this is a good idea. & Rsquo; I know I can bear, this family can bear. But I don’t want others to say three four four. Or because of this disease, it is strange to him. But then Looking, this is also a wise decision. Not just for Brandon, but for the whole home. This makes us in the province, trying to improve yourself. This is much better than Brandon. “

In Borden’s eyes, professional rugby has changed her son & mdash; & mdash; and she welcomed this change.

“Of course, things are all better. This is this, this is the effect of blessing, can’t make you unchanged, but let you make improvements.” Dui’an said, “Brandon’s true direction He has changed. He has grown, mature. He is now a respectable father, a kid, brother, friend. He did a lot of good things, did a lot of good things with his own money, did not squander them. His inde Change a lot. “

Diai also witnessed Brandon’s second profession & mdash; & mdash; in “Inside the NFL” In its view, a mother is going to do a lot in this new risk.

“I said, & lsquo; I want to find someone to let you make a movie. & Rsquo; he looks good on the screen.” Dui’an laughed, “Brandon looked very good. Delicate, I like it. In his day, I would say to him: & lsquo; I saw you on TV, I saw the future after you retired. & Rsquo; “

Before football, these mothers have grown together with their sons. In the silence behind the game, they will accompany them. We are easy to forget that these super superstars have also been a little boy, and the curious big eyes explore the surrounding world and weave hope and dreams.

For the Kels Brothers, every Sunday, youth, youth; & mdash; when your mother is still their world center & mdash; & mdash; the link will recover.

“Before each game, I will try to send them a photo of a child. I will let them down.” Dana said, “Let them recall, how long it is eager to have now, how to fight this One step. “

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