Raksha Bandhan In The 21st Century

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The festival known as Raksha Bandhan or Raksha Bandhan is a popular and traditionally Hindu festival that like all other Indian festivals, is celebrated with a whole lot of enthusiasm. This festival is easily one of the biggest festivals in India. So big in fact, that the traditions and ceremonies conducted on this day have found their place in other countries too. This obviously is a result of Indians being pretty much everywhere but even natives of foreign countries have started to take part in it. Mainly for fun but it shows the level of influence this festival has.

If you don’t already know… on this auspicious day, sisters of all ages tie a “Rakhi” or an amulet, talisman around the wrists of their real and cousin brothers. In Sanskrit the expression “Raksha Bandhan”, quite literally translates to “the bond of protection, obligation or care”. This is supposed to symbolically represent the protection offered to them by their sisters. The sisters on the other hand, receive a gift in return.

Over the years, the popularity of this festival has only been growing. As a result, so have the number of Rakhi related brands and products. Plus, the online e-commerce market has only made these brands and products more accessible. You can now anything from designer zardozi Rakhi’s to silver Rakhi’s online… and I’m not talking about a silver hue, I’m talking about real silver as it’s considered to be a highly auspicious metal in Hinduism. As is gold of course.

The fact that a buyer has an endless list of options that they can access from the comfort of their own home has only helped build the momentum of this festival. Mainly because it’s not just Rakhi’s you can buy online, but pooja thali’s, return gifts and Rakhi gift hampers as well. As a result of the high competition that’s now come about, you can find items at any price point that suits you. That’s the power of the Internet, I guess.

The point is, festivals like Raksha Bandhan are reaching new heights when it comes to the scale of celebrations thanks to the world wide web. You can not only have Rakhi’s delivered within the country but outside too. Previously, this was possible but catastrophically expensive… now however, thanks to economies of scale, it really isn’t as the cost is divided up amongst multiple people who are sending or buying the same or different products.

So, don’t let distance hold you and your brother back this Raksha Bandhan, because it doesn’t matter if your brother is in another state or another country. All you have to do is head online and search for Rakhi’s, Rakhi gifts and more. You will be flooded with a nearly endless list of options to choose from. So, take your time and take your pick. Sisters, gift your brother a rakhi he will never forget and brothers, give your sister a gift that she’ll never forget. You can even celebrate together through WhatsApp video calls and skype… It’s the 21st century after all… take advantage of it!

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