Protect Your Natural Hair with Gorgeous Sew in Hairstyles

Every woman loves to have a thick mane of soft and silky tresses. However, not everyone is blessed with great hair. The effects of stress and pollution often damage your hair, and if you are prone to highlights and hair straightening with heat treatments, your hair suffers from dryness and split ends. The effects of regular heat treatments cause your hair to lose its luster. This results in hair loss and falls.

Choose from a wide range of sew in hairstyles

To protect your natural hair, you should choose sew in hairstyles available in the market. Visit a good hairstylist and get them sewn in naturally without the tensions of heat damage to your hair. Experienced hairstylists say that it is not right to use heat on your hair daily. This harms the scalp and the hair. Even blow-drying your hair snatches its natural moisture away. You end up with hair that is dry and damaged.

With sew in hair extensions, you get-

  1. A thick and lustrous mane of hair
  2. Modern style to match every occasion
  3. Hair color in different hues
  4. Long hair in case you have short hair
  5. Safe alternative to using chemicals and other styling products on your hair

Hairstylists say you should stop using heat treatments right away primarily because flat or curling irons for your hair damages your hair in two ways. If your hair is wet and you use a flat or curling iron, the hair will release bubbles of steam that later damage the hair’s cuticle. This results in tiny hair blisters that you will see under a magnifying glass. When you iron dry hair, the edges of the cuticles crack, and this leads to chipping. Both these types of damages to the hair causing split ends and breakage.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global hair styling tools market size was $30.09 billion in 2019 & is projected to reach $39.63 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.7% in forecast period.

Towel drying your hair should be done in the proper way

Professionals in hair care say you must be very gentle with your hair. Even in the case of towel drying wet hair, ensure you do not rub the hair. The secret here is to blot your hair with a soft absorbing towel. Use a wide-toothed comb to remove any wet tangles. Allow the hair to dry naturally. They recommend using hair extensions that can be securely sewn into place as they protect your hair and prevent it from falling prey to the harsh effects of heat treatments and chemical styling products.

Therefore, with sew in hairstyles; you can protect your natural hair from the ill effects of styling treatments that generally involve heat. This makes your hair dry, rough, and brittle. With the help of a sew in hairstyle, you can keep your natural hair healthy and look gorgeous every time you step out. You get them in both curly and straight hair. Just ensure you have an excellent professional to sew the extensions onto your hair and remove them safely without breaking your hair strands when your needs are over.