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Alliances and players will agree on the new banned terms

nfl jerseys Alliance and nfl jerseys Players announced on Wednesday, on Wednesday, on Wednesday. According to relevant people, the two sides have negotiated the drug variety and punish measures in the new regulations, and the final terms will be announced after all parties are fully unified.

The new drug management regulations make the players who have previously been banned are expected to come back in advance. The players mentioned in the report include: Denver wild horses, Wes Welker, Dallas Deni Corner, Dallas, Deni, Orlando Scandrick, and St. Louis Ramado, Steadman – Beiler Stedman bailey. Three people will be very likely to be played in this week.

According to the official website, the new regulations reached include: For marijuana testing, the criteria will be adopted for higher thresholds, confirming that the prohibition will be punished by the ban on 2 games. In addition, the illegal players can also be described above. The tests related to growth hormone were previously exploded, and will be implemented in new regulations. It is said that this test will be fully implemented this season. Official website reporters also said that according to new regulations, at least 20 teams will be affected. However, the fact is that the public will not know which people will be affected. The alliance has a confidential list in terms of banned drug projects. The emergence of new regulations will help alliances re-assess the players in the list, and some players will benefit from it. The above information will not be disclosed during processing, so the public cannot visually see the impact of the new regulations in addition best site to buy jerseys from china some banned changes.

The report also mentioned that the ban on Josh Gordon, Josh Gordon, was also cut to 10 games from 1 season. At present, Gordon has implemented 2 anti-game, so he will return to the venue 11th. Previously, Gordon was reported to work related to the sales of automobiles, and the new drug regulations allow him to be relieved with Brown.