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VLSI summer internship
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With the vast globalization and adaptation of new technologies each day like AI and Machine Learning there is a great scope of electronics revolution throughout the globe. India being a forerunner of the IT industry is also a great market for electronic advancement. With the invention of the VLSI circuit, the electronic devices have undergone some serious changes in terms of size, workability, and price. Especially with the Indian Government initiative of “Make in India” there is a market for jobs related to electronic engineering and VLSI being an integral part of it is a career in demand.

India is now able to produce Made in India electronic goods that are high in quality and low in price. There are many government Institutes as well as private institutes like QSOCS which offers well-structured courses along with internship for VLSI students. These internships help students to gather in hand experience along with their regular classroom study which makes them apt for employment in this field. We well understand the requirement of on the job training along with proper education. This gives an extra edge to the students where they are accustomed to the actual work.

What do these internship programs offer?

    • Actual knowledge gathering: Classroom study is a must to become a master of any trade. But today theoretical study alone doesn’t serve any purpose. It has to be equally supported by practical knowledge. Through these internship programs, you may gather practical knowledge and know the whereabouts of the projects.
    • In hand experience: Get your hands on the real-time projects and experience the actual working conditions along with the challenges faced while working in an actual working condition in an industry.
    • Knowledge to work as a team in real work field: It is always easy to understand a work in a classroom situation but real work field comes with many work challenges. The tricks of the trade can only be learned only on the field. To gather such experience it is important to have hands-on experience which is possible through these internship programs offered by different institutes.

  • Utilization of time: During the summertime, when most of the educational institutes enjoy a leave, it is a good opportunity to invest some time in learning. What could be better than engaging oneself in an internship program that will increase the value of the degree in hand?

  • Enriching portfolio supported with income: Internships are the best way to earn money along with valuable skill learning. VLSI circuits are designed by experts of the trade and the expertise could be learned from an internship. This adds more value to the portfolio while applying for a job. An internship with a reputed organization is always an added advantage when it comes to fetching a job.

Make the best out of the VLSI summer internship programs offered by QSOCS and get your hand on the real-time projects to gain knowledge which will surface a long hold in your career and fetch you the right job.

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