Not Sure Whether To Get A Wedge Pillow? Read These Frequently Asked Questions To Know Your One Answer!

We are sure you know what exactly a wedge pillow is, isn’t it? Well, to begin with and to ease it down, it is a triangular shaped pillow just perfect to release pressure from your joints and muscles. But what makes it special and better than a regular pillow? The most special quality of a wedge pillow is that it maintains the user’s posture just right. It is specially made to elevate certain body parts such as legs, feet, back and neck.

Wedge pillows are made of ultra-soft foam, typically memory foam or polyfoam. The triangular shapes make sure the pillow stays in one position keeping the body also intact. It is also a kind of orthopaedic pillow, and as the name suggests it will definitely relax your body.

However, do you really know if it is beneficial for you? Should you consider purchasing one? Well, here are some frequently asked questions that might help you make your decision.

  1. How to use a wedge pillow?

Gently place the wedge pillow under the affected area and give that part a lift with the triangular shape of the pillow. It can also be used to sit up straight on your bed without putting pressure on the upper back or the neck.

  1. Can it be used to elevate back while sleeping?

Yes, it can definitely be used to elevate your back while sleeping a it provides comfort and support to the back and neck. It can also be used to correct a hunch back.

  1. Does it help with sleep apnea?

The symptoms of sleep apnea can be stressful. Yes, wedge pillows are very helpful in the cases of sleep apnea. Just place the wedge pillow beneath the upper body, and the elevated position will help in breathing.

  1. Should multiple pillows be used with a wedge pillow?

No, multiple pillows should not be used with a wedge pillow. Reason being simple, if a regular pillow is put on top of the wedge pillow, it will not give your back any extra support. It may become unstable and cause even more discomfort.

  1. Am I ready to use a wedge pillow?

If you are someone who regularly makes up with neck and back pains, or if you face problems with snoring, then a wedge pillow is the best option for your body that desires a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? A wedge pillow will probably be your best purchase. Get yours now!