Nepotism in Entertainment Industry

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These days, Bollywood, our favourite filmi Jagat, has become synonymous with the term “nepotism”. Nepotism is an unfair use of power in order to get jobs or other benefits for your family or your friends. It is basically being biased to anyone. The word nepotism is derived from Nepos which means grandson or nephew. Recently nepotism is seen many times in the film industry. The word first burst upon our collective consciousness with Kangana Ranaut accusing Karan Johar of being the flag bearer of nepotism at his own talk show, coffee with Karan.

Soon a lot of other stars and Bollywood celebs came out with their own opinions about the issue. Nepotism is the practice of favouritism based on kinship. Kangana says that she has no contacts in filmy world and she has made her career on her own talent, she further says she did not even ask for any favour to big personalities who were already established there. The term caused, and in fact still leads to, heated arguments and discussions not only in B-Town but also among cinegoers and those who aspire to make it big in the movie industry.

Actor Surveen Chawala too slammed nepotism in Bollywood after being replaced in a project by a star kid. Abhimanyu Dasani son of Bhagyshree was in the movie “Mard ko dard Nahi Hota” has also said that people only recognize him when he is with her mom, so it is not wrong to agree about the existence of nepotism in the film industry, there are so many cases similar to these. now, star kids can fail multiple times .the time they have in hand to deliver flops before they may be, somehow, probably, kinda sorta become a saleable face is more than the time an outsider gets. sometimes nothing can help you .case in point – Imran Khan, Jackky bhagnani, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra etc. sometimes an outsider, thanks to her talent, luck and the right people noticing him or her, manages to break through the nepotism industry and make it big.

If we see nepotism is not limited by filmi world it can be seen in every field like politics, job opportunities etc. Film making is a family Dhanda, like any other Dhanda. the reason nepotism in cinema particularly gets a bad reputation is because film making has glamour attached to it ,the lust of stardom is why millions travel to Mumbai every year to make it in Bollywood . Nepotism in Bollywood will never end .it is indulged in the industry’s DNA and to remove it is a foolish dream.

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