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Todd Blackli will not continue to serve as the Pittsburgh Stebcom Offense Coordinator

Todd Haley will leave Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh steel man allows the offensive coordinator to leave the team. Theoretically, this is not dismissal, because the contract is originally expired after the end of this season. This ended the 6 years of career in the success of the steel man.

So how do the steel people will plan? According to informed sources, the team’s four-point guards, Landy-Fichtner, will take the admission coordinator. Figentner and Quaternary Ben Roethlisberger and offensive front line coaches Mike Meng Munchak are closely related.

The black departments are not unexpected, and we have always had a rumor on his future. The Help Help 4-dimensional BM has the best performance of his career, but the relationship between the two is not good. It has been reported that the relationship between the two has been very bad, so that the steel man has to let Fichterna mediation.

Yesterday, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping I revealed that I didn’t allow you to temporarily change the tactic of Blackli before the game before the game. He said that this is the requirements of Mike Tomlin directly issued.

Maybe in the future, this will change. After all, cheap china jerseys free shipping it is one of the most experienced four-point guards in the alliance.

It’s still unclear that Haol will eventually go, but he will not worry about it.