Luggage Rules to Follow while Traveling via Indian Railways

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Train is the best medium to travel as it offers you to enjoy the natural beauty along with tasty food. In India, train is the most preferred mode of transportation through which more than 23 million of population travels every day. Whichever station you visit, one can easily find passengers waiting for their train with heaps of luggage placed beside them. In India, people travel with luggage in bulk which often creates hassle on the platform or during boarding the train. To avoid such annoyance, Indian Railways along with some other regulations, has framed some specific luggage carrying rules for the passengers. These rules are specially devised to limit the amount of luggage a passenger can carry for his journey. Before boarding on the date of journey, you can check train running status online and can get to know about the exact location of your train. Here’re some specific and modified luggage rules which passengers should be aware of before boarding the train.

Luggage Rules as per Classes of Travel
AC First Class Passengers

  • The passengers of AC first class can carry 70 KG luggage for free.
  • 15 KG is the marginal allowance on the luggage weight.
  • One has to pay for the extra weight at parcel office if carrying more than 150 KG weight.

AC Two Tier Passengers:

  • 50 KG luggage is allowed for the passengers’ of AC two tiers.
  • 10 KG is the marginal allowance on the luggage weight.
  • More than 100 KG weight luggage needs to pay at the station luggage/parcel office.

Passengers travelling in AC III or AC Chair Car

  • Passengers of AC III or AC chair car can carry luggage of 40 KG for free.
  • The marginal allowance on the luggage weight would be 10 KG.
  • Maximum carrying limit is of 40 KG.

Sleeper Class Passengers

  • Passengers of sleeper class would be allowed a luggage weight of 40 KG for free.
  • The marginal allowance on the luggage weight would be 10 KG.
  • 80 KG is the maximum quantity of luggage can be carried after paying at parcel office.

Passengers in the Second Class

  • 35 KG of luggage is permitted to carry free.
  • The marginal allowance on the luggage weight would be 10 KG.
  • Passengers can carry maximum of 70 KG by paying for the excess luggage at parcel office.

For Children
Children aged between 5 and below 12 year would be allowed only half of the free luggage allowance for their respective classes. The free allowance in such instances cannot exceed 50 KG in weight.

Define Dimension for Personal Luggage
The passengers carry suitcase, boxes, and trunks in train should be with the prescribed measurement of: 100 cm X 60 cm X 25 cm (length, breadth, height). Luggage exceeding this measurement would be send to the luggage van even if they are within the free limit.

Rule to Book extra Luggage during your Train Journey

  • Visit the railway station (your boarding point) early and inquire about the Luggage/Parcel office. (NOTE: Excess luggage needs to be booked at least 30 minutes before the departure of the train, allowing the owner to place them safely in the Luggage van before the train starts.)
  • Fill in the declaration form for extra baggage and get it weighed.
  • Pay the difference in fare and get the slip certifying the booking of extra luggage.
  • This slip should be kept close by and shown to the TTE when needed.
  • Once booked, the extra luggage would be sent to the brake van. The extra luggage cannot be carried along in the regular train compartment.

Note:Minimum charge for extra luggage booking start from INR 30 upward. In case, if passengers found with un-booked extra luggage, person could be fined six times more than the original booking. So, get it confirm about your luggage before leaving home.

Indian Railways has made rule on what you might not be able to carry along with you.

  • Explosives and Inflammable Items: We know that inflammable items or explosives can’t be carried during journey. Therefore, carrying any inflammable gas content, acids, are prohibited in trains.
  • Oxygen Cylinders:They’re considered as a part of free luggage allowance. They can be carried in all the traveling classes for patients, but medical certificates needs to be furnished for carrying Oxygen cylinders.
  • Merchandised Items: They aren’t considered as a part of personal luggage for carrying in trains. You need to seek special booking for these and they have to be carried in the luggage van.
  • Pets:Pets aren’t allowed in a train’s coach. You have to get a booking for them in the Parcel office. The only other way is to book an entire AC First Class.
  • Offensive or derogatory items carried by the passengers, which hurts the sentiments of the co-passengers can also be treated as a violation of the luggage carrying code.

Steps to take when your Luggage is stolen en-route
You don’t need to break your journey in between if your luggage is stolen. You can approach to train conductors/coach attendant/guards or GRP escort. They provide you with the FIR form which is to be duly filled by the passenger with required details. This complaint is forwarded to the police station for taking action. You can also contact for RPF assistance.

In case of Theft of Luggage:
A prescribed FIR Form is available with ‘TTEs/Guards or GRP force. After filling the form it is handed over to any one of the official viz., TTE, Guard or GRP escort for registration of the report at the next police station.

In case your luggage is Lost or Damaged
In case the value of the luggage booked has not been declared beforehand by the consignor and the prescribing percentage charge is not paid, the liability of Indian Railways is limited to Rs.100/- per Kg. However, where the consignor has declared the value of the consignment and has also paid the percentage charges, he will be entitled to get the claimed amount which will not exceed the value of the luggage. The procedure for payment of percentage charge can be inquired from the luggage booking office.

These are some of the important and adapted rules of Indian Railways regarding luggage in trains. In Airways, where passengers follow certain rules related to carry luggage, Indian Railways has fixed a certain capacity of luggage to be carried in trains. If you’re caught travelling with luggage capacity beyond the extant rules of Indian Railways, you will be charged a fix penalty for violating the luggage rules.

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