Learn to work with Microsoft Azure and Scrum

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Azure is a cloud computing service that provides many services like software as service, platform as service and infrastructure as service. It has become a famous platform for programming languages. It offers a wide variety of services and that is why it has become a common choice by many professionals.

Xebia Academy provides amazing Microsoft Azure Training in Pune. The course is designed so that it covers all the basic as well as complex points and conveys them in an easy and comprehensible language so that it can be understood by everyone. Through this course, you will be able to use your cloud environment to the best.

You can now conveniently create and manage applications in a Microsoft database.

 Byundertaking Microsoft Azure Training in Pune, you will get a thorough knowledge of the various services provided by Microsoft Azure. You will also learn about how to solve the various issues related to the cloud including problems related to security and network configuration as well as infrastructure deployment.

By the end of the training, you will able to develop comprehensive solutions related to all these issues. The training is applicable for:

  • IT professionals who aim to have a career as an Azure architect.

  • Developers who have existing knowledge regarding the Azure cloud.

  • Professionals who are interested in the application of Microsoft Azure.

Obtain Professional Scrum Master Training in Pune

Xebia Academy also offers the best Scrum training. Scrum training is not as complex as it sounds and it is actually a two-day process. Get the opportunity to learn how to handle the various complex tasks of an organization and develop the solutions that will end in profit for the firm.

It is an advanced level course and will help the company profit from its implication.

  • Learn the foundation, parts, and qualities of the scrum framework.

  • Understand the importance of learning Scrum and how its implementation profits the company.

  • Learning about leadership and resolving conflicts.

  • Getting a hands-on learning experience on real projects.

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