Importance of NCERT Textbooks in Board Exam Preparation

Preparing for the board exams from the beginning of the academic year is one of the hectic tasks for the students. Choosing the right study material is a very important step as selecting the wrong one would lead to less marks. So the students must first understand the syllabus designed by the CBSE board for each subject and then decide the right one. Among the numerous study materials available in the current education market, the textbook containing the curriculum designed by the education board should be chosen for this purpose.

Students under the CBSE board mostly follow the study materials released by them every year. As per the latest syllabus, the National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) designs and distributes textbooks to the students at primary and secondary levels. So the NCERT Textbooks are considered to be one of the best reference materials, the students can rely on.

The major advantage of these books is that they mainly focus on fundamentals the students should know in each and every topic under each subject. Students can obtain strong conceptual knowledge and clarify their queries or doubts without any difficulty.
Major Benefits of Referring to NCERT Textbooks

1. Accurate information
NCERT Textbooks are designed by the experts after doing intensive research on topics covered in each subject. The solutions for all the classes will be checked before publishing to make it accurate as per the syllabus designed by the CBSE board. So these books can be considered to be a best reference for the students to score well in the annual exams.

2. In-depth knowledge of concepts
The main objective of creating NCERT textbooks is to help students understand the concepts irrespective of their intelligence quotient. The solutions are apt according to the latest syllabus and every minute detail is explained in brief for a better understanding among the students. It also helps them to understand the complex topics effectively.

3. Strictly adheres to CBSE curriculum
One more major benefit of using NCERT textbooks is that it completely sticks to the latest CBSE curriculum and guidelines. It covers all the important topics based on the latest exam pattern and marks weightage. These textbooks can also be referred to prepare for various competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced etc.

4. Numerous problems to practice
NCERT Textbooks contain example problems before each exercise to help students understand the method of solving them. Lots of problems are present in the textbook under each chapter to help students improve their conceptual knowledge. Students can also develop their time management skills which is important for scoring well in the exam.

So from the above points, students would have understood the importance of NCERT books in board exam preparation. Students can make use of the 12th NCERT Biology Textbook not only to prepare for board exams but also for national level entrance exams like NEET. The basic concepts which are important from the exam point of view are explained in an interactive manner to make it easier for students to understand.