How would you distinguish the Bad Hackers and Good Hackers?

Do you deal with server security in your company? If so, we applaud you! You belong to a minority and we will be happy if you read the article just for fun. If not, get smart. In today’s article, we’ll explain what ethical hacking is and how it can be useful to you.

Who is an ethical hacker?

When you say hacker, a lot of people think of a mysterious person in a dark hoodie with their nose stuck on a computer monitor.

A certified ethical hacker in Abu Dhabi (or White Hat) is actually a nickname for a computer security specialist. Its job is to help companies protect themselves from the threats that lie in wait for them. Every day, up to 37,000 pages or applications are infected and there are over 100,000 types of vulnerabilities.

There are several types of ethical hackers. White hat hackers focus on so-called penetration tests, which are very common in practice. As the name suggests, the goal of such a test is to penetrate deep into the company’s website or application system and find holes that the hacker will then report to the operator.

Custom Hacking: Why Do Companies Hire Hackers?

Simply put, an ethical hacker earns money by breaking into a company’s targeted system. But why pay for such services?

Imagine a bank, an insurance company or a municipality. These organizations work with sensitive data that they must protect in the interests of their clients, often required by law. Large companies will pay for an expensive audit, but for those who do not have a large budget, an alternative solution is to demand the services of an ethical hacker,

A hacker can save a company unnecessary costs associated with fixing errors (for example, programmers’ time spent re-reviving the site after a virus infection) or leaking valuable data. 

It also helps protect the company’s reputation as such: for example, by alerting you to a site’s vulnerability before it is “discovered” by your competitors, who do not have to keep the secret to themselves.

What to look out for when working with a hacker?

Regardless of whether you hire a freelance hacker or a small penetration testing company to inspect the site, you should keep a few guidelines in mind:

  • Check if the hacker is trustworthy: check his portfolio and references from companies he has already worked for
  • Agree with the hacker in advance on the terms of cooperation
  • Ideally, invite the company’s technical specialists and employees who deal with security to the meeting 
  • Seal the agreed framework and price of services with a written contract

Also, don’t underestimate building mutual trust. A good certified ethical hacker in Dubai will be happy to explain to you what tools he uses or what the report will contain, which he submits to you at the end of the analysis. 

It should also be able to fix minor bugs, point out critical weaknesses in the site, and recommend further steps for the best possible security.