How To Increase Testosterone Levels With The Help Of Food

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Known as the male hormone par excellence, testosterone is of great importance for the body to function properly and also can be very helpful when we seek to be in shape. Therefore, today Testosteronerd tell you how to increase testosterone levels with the help of food.

Testosterone: essential to be fit

Adequate levels of testosterone are essential to be in shape, because in addition to allowing us to feel less fatigue and have more energy, this hormone is key to reduce fat and increase muscle mass in the body.

Good levels of testosterone in our body will allow us to perform more or delay the feeling of fatigue that prevents us from continuing when we train. Also, its presence is essential to gain muscle and get a good hypertrophy.

If we seek to be in shape, testosterone cannot fall into our body, because not only allows to maintain muscle mass and strength, but also, keeps body fat at bay. When testosterone levels fall, body fat increases and muscle percentage decreases.

In addition to all this, good levels of testosterone help us to improve sexual function by keeping the libido high and on the other hand, it increases the feeling of emotional well – being by increasing self-esteem and confidence in ourselves.

So, to look good, feel better and more attractive and if we want to be in shape, testosterone is a hormone that cannot miss in the body.

Foods that help increase testosterone levels

If you are looking to maintain testosterone levels in the body, you should know that many foods can help naturally so that their presence does not fall. For this we recommend:

  • Include nuts in the diet because the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids that have these foods are associated with higher levels of testosterone in the body. We can add some nuts, some almonds or pistachios to our daily diet.
  • Consume at least one citrus daily in order to cover the quota of vitamin C we need, because with this powerful antioxidant we can reduce the cortisol in the body and thus, prevent this hormone reduces the levels of testosterone in our body.
  • Add broccoli to our dishes that in addition to containing vitamin A necessary for the production of testosterone, contains vitamin C and a substance that prevents the transformation of testosterone into estrogen called diindolylmethane (DIM).
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol and reduce its consumption to the maximum, since high levels of alcohol in blood significantly reduce the levels of testosterone in the body.
  • Incorporate legumes and whole grains to diet , which are a good source of zinc, an element that contributes to convert estrogen into testosterone and thus, increase the levels of this hormone in the body.

With these foods present in your daily diet, coupled with other healthy lifestyle habits and above all, an intense weight training, you can increase the levels of testosterone in your body and thus, enjoy all the benefits on your body.

You can be in shape, feel and see yourself better in front of the mirror and also, before the eyes of others.

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