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20. Fadeev, P. V. Priznaki I Ponyatie obespecheniya prav lichnosti v ugolovnom sudoproizvodstve (The Twelve Signs and the idea of Safeguarding the Legal rights of the baby in Criminal Proceedings) // Rossijskaya yusticiya, 2014, No. 3. All articles posted to HSSR are susceptible to double-blind peer and editorial reviews. The peer-review process collects the aim opinion on the caliber of content…… 21. Fadeev, P. V. Teoreticheskie osnovy pravovoj pomoshhi uchastnikam ugolovnogo sudoproizvodstva (Theoretical Foundations of Legal Help to Participants in Criminal Proceedings), pp. 75-100. Dementyev, V. V. (2002). Communicative genristics: speech genres as a way of formalizing social interaction. Saratov: Izdatel’stvo GosUNTS «Kolledzh».

33. Kus, A. Pravovaya zashhita interesov gosudarstva perestanovka slov ili novoe uravnenie? (Legal Protection of Interests from the Condition a Permutation of Words or New Equation?) // Promyshlennaya sobstvennost, 2016, No. 6, pp. 4-10. Sergey V. SEVASTIANOV, Aleksey A. KRAVCHUK Territorial dispute between Japan and also the Republic of Korea: arguments from the parties and prospects for resolution60. Yurkovskij, A. V. Konstitucionalizm: sistemnyj podxod k formirovaniyu universalnoj politiko-pravovoj kategorii (Constitutionalism: an organized Method of the development of the Universal Political and Legal Groups) // Sibirskij yuridicheskij Vestnik, оказание бухгалтерских услуг 2013, No. 3, pp. 20-28. Drawing upon review from the good reputation for the problem and also the research into the current condition from the problem from the Southern Kuril Islands, the writer from the presented article outlines numerous scenarios to add mass to political and diplomatic interaction between Russia and Japan within this economically and strategically key part of the Off-shore. The primary medium term scenarios for interaction from the parties are «conflictual», «contractual» and «inertial». The most powerful effect on what scenario the territorial contradictions within the Southern Kuril Islands will build up later on, in the author`s perspective, would be the factors from the worldwide atmosphere, and, mainly, the united states-China balancing.

Journal need new submissions in September for Vol 8, No 6, as well as in November for Vol 9, # 1 issue. They works to write as reported by the schedule following the editorial process. The interview with Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Professor, Department of Worldwide Relations, Asian Federal College, is adopted the occasion of his 65th birthday. The primary subject from the conversation may be the scholars research experience and the assessment from the development level and current condition of social and humanitarian science in Russia, at Asian Federal College. Anatoliy Kuznetsov emphasizes the significance of giving due regard to local research traditions and scientific schools. He views the introduction of scientific theory to become essential and suggests the prospects of creating a systematic approach, which, given its unrevealed potential, could be sought after underneath the conditions of high variability and uncertainty relating to modern occasions. 27. Knyazev, S. D. Stabilnost konstitucii dlya sovremennogo rossijskogo konstitucionalizma (The Soundness from the Metabolic rate for that Modern Russian Constitutionalism) // Konstitucionnoe I municipalnoe pravo, 2015, No. 1, pp. 4-12. Gyandhara Worldwide Academic Publications (popularly known as GIAP Journals) is definitely an Indian digital writer of research journals, e-books, and conference proceedings…

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