Gum receding

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The most dying situation we feel in tooth pain and the worst moment when we find a tooth infected that causes the pain. Sometimes we are not able to get a doctor at the same time, in that case, you could try some natural remedies at your home but to cure properly you have to appoint a couple of visits with your dentist so that you could get the instant to relieve in pain and long-lasting as well. If a doctor suggests a treatment start it immediately, a doctor will cure the tooth properly and you will be safe from the future infections which lead to more inflamed teeth.


Symptoms of Gum receding


Sometimes we feel sensitivity in teeth but usually we ignore and after a long time it starts effecting directly on the teeth, this causes by the stretched tissues of a tooth around the tooth region area. So the region area of tooth exposes more, its root is known as gum recession or gingival recession.


Receding gums causes noticeable gaps between the teeth, which are prone to the accumulation of bacteria. If you ignore this serious problem the supporting tissue of the tooth and the bone structures of teeth can be damaged permanently, even it could lead to tooth loss.


In that case book an appointment with your doctor like, dentist in Malviya Nagar Jaipur or somewhere else you are living.


This is a very common dental problem usually we all go through in this situation once in life; the gum recession leads to tooth sensitivity.


Reasons for Gum receding


There are many possible causes for gum gingival recession such as –


1.      Already any Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease

2.      Over-aggressive brushing regularly

3.      Improper and aggressive flossing on teeth

4.      The habit of dipping tobacco for a Long time

5.      Lack of dietary supplements like vitamin C or scurvy

6.      Sometimes any hereditary disposition

7.      Is there any abnormal tooth position such as tooth crowding?

8.      Self-inflicted trauma, such as digging a fingernail into the gum


Cure dental problems as soon as possible by the specialist in your area.

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