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Patriots cornerback Bronner to enter the free market

New England Patriots cornerback Brandon – Bronner (Brandon Browner) have entered the free market. Tuesday, cheap nfl jerseys the Patriots announced that the contract will not be executed Bronner 2015 season team option, which means that Bronner and wholesale cheap jerseys outlet the team’s contract has ended. This decision will help the Patriots avoid causing $ 4 million impact on the salary cap.

The reason the Patriots give up Bronner there are two main aspects: one is that he was 30 years old, last season was suspended for breaching doping regulations; the other is that he appeared many times unnecessary fouls this season. Taken together, the Patriots decided to part ways and Bronner. Despite their many problems, but Bronner will still attract the attention of many teams in the market.

The PFF (ProFootballFocus) scoring system, a score Bronner season only the first column 79 in all angular guards. The 6-foot-4-inch, 221 lbs big horn guard for cheap nfl jerseys online their own future still full of confidence. In addition, with Darrell – Revis (Darrelle Revis) left, the Patriots have lost two main cornerback last season. The team needs to be found to deal with this method.