Get the Best DevOps and SAFe Training in Chennai

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By enrolling in the DevOps training program, you can get professional and extensive knowledge about the various DevOps tools like Git, Jenkins, Puppet, Kubernetes, and Nagios. Get the best DevOps Training and Certification in Chennai by Xebia Academy. You will get hands-on experience and the training will help you become a certified practitioner.

You will get the opportunity to practice intensively in Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management as well as Configuration Integration. Along with that, you’ll also learn about the continuous monitoring of software through its development process.


Objectives of DevOps Training and Certification in Chennai 


  • Increase the DevOps objectives and vocabulary.
  • You will learn about implementing Software Version Control.
  • Learn about the GIT workflow.
  • Gain knowledge about the arrangement of production flow on Docker.
  • You will also get the opportunity to work on live projects and gain experience that will increase your practical knowledge.
  • Managing and keeping track of different versions of source code using GIT.
  • Learn the importance of cloud in DevOps. The use of AWS in DevOps.
  • Create Docker containers, registry, Docker Compose, Docker Hub as well as Docker Networking.
  • Learn about performing a demonstration on Nagios.

DevOps is a vast field of study that requires constant hard work and determination. It is important that you invest your time and money in an institute that respects it and offers the best of the best. Xebia Academy has a professional staff, well-built curriculum, and a valid certification.


Why Get a SAFe Training Certificate?


  • The agile methods have been found to be applicable in a wide array of teams and organizations across the globe.
  • SAFe helps in carrying out Agile Transformation at an enterprise level which helps in sustainable growth, fastest time-to-market as well as an increase in team productivity.
  • The SAFe framework helps in the proper collaboration of different teams. It synchronizes proper collaboration, alignment, and delivery of multiple agile teams leading towards enterprise success.


SAFe Training provides you:


The leading SAFe training in Chennai provides you with a lot of other benefits along with professional certification.

  • You get an opportunity to do an advanced Scrum Master’s Course.
  • A Business Scrum Foundation course.
  • A certified Product Manager or Product Owner course.
  • You also learn to be a Release Train Engineer.
  • Get an Agile Champion Program.


What the Course Will Cover


  • Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework.
  • Embracing a Lean-Agile mind-set.
  • Understanding the basic as well as complex SAFe principles.
  • Experience PI planning.
  • Executing and releasing Value.
  • Creating team and practical agility.
  • PA, that is Program Augmentation planning.
  • Learning to structure Business Explanation and Lean Systems.

Xebia Academy provides a valid and reliable certification program. The SAFe Agile Framework has three parts namely, team, program, and portfolio. One of its major uses is to improve product development through a consistent strategy. It is a relatively easy technology to use and is available to everyone. Reach to the best institute and learn the best and minimize the gap between you and your successful career.

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