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Viking will decide the first quarter-off candidate before the game

Mike Zimmer, Mike Zimmer, said that he has not decided to appoint Shaw Hill or Sam-Bradford (SAM). Bradford, who was started, he also said that the starter was announced until the game.

Qi Mun said that once you make a decision, wholesale nfl jerseys online you will tell the team. “So don’t listen again,” he said.

After receiving Bradford on Saturday, Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping Viking people made Hill and Bradford in training in training in training. This transaction made Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagle’s first four-dimensional heavier to study the state of new attack tactics before the first battle of the season.

Bradford said that it is more adapted to the team’s attack compared to the first time to participate in the training, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale he also said that if he appeared in the first game, wholesale nfl jerseys he would not wear a tactical wristband.

When I was asked to have a negative impact on his future confidence in such a short time, Bradford said, “I have experienced a lot of polishs in the alliance. As for my confidence, I treat these I don’t think this will affect this. “