Environment – An important cause to pay attention

Our Planet Earth has its own ecosystem – which is made up of plants, animals, water – oceans, seas, and lakes, air, glaciers, mountains, rocks, galaxy, fire, climate and soil. This Ecosystem well balances itself for continuing the cycle of life for millennial years and more coming years. It is very obvious to say that humans exist only because of the environment components that are present.


Air we breathe today is the most polluted and dirty, due to the burning of fossil fuels, hydraulic fracturing, and gases emitted by vehicles. On the contrary we should breathe the fresh air that keeps our respiratory system and heart of living beings at its best functions.


Water is the earth’s component without which there is no life form possible. Water is the base of our existence. It is a requirement of every cell and tissue of plants, microorganisms and humans. The function of cells depends upon the availability of water. Water available for us now is not unfit to drink, because of its contamination which is the effect of industrial waste, household waste that gets directly mixed into water bodies without any treatment. The other main important and unavoidable reason causing water pollution is Plastic deposits in the water bodies. Plastic pollution is the major problem the world is facing, and we are working to find the solution.

Food availability to mankind is through nature. Vegetation is the only source of pure and good energy supply, keeping the system healthy. Wildlife is the beauty of our ecosystem and is part of it as much as the humans are. Both flora & fauna contribute to the balance of the system throughout its life cycle. Diminishing any species entity from the circle causes an immeasurable and irreparable damage to the environment. Another grave danger we are facing in today’s time is Climate change. Melting of glaciers is a real phenomenon that has been occurring since the last 2 decades, increasing Earth’s temperature each year, termed Global Warming. Deforestation and major industrialisation is the main cause. Adding fuel to it is depletion in the Ozone layer, resulting in increased and focused sun rays inside the atmosphere. Endangering many species and changing the ecosystem. Climate change with the same speed will result in wiping out the existence of many land bodies and flora-fauna. Environmental problems arise on a daily basis that we decide to ignore as it does not matter to us. Examples like Forest fire in Amazon, Australia, Brazil, and Glacier Melting in Himalayas, Arctic & Antarctica, and Drought in Africa and Middle-East Asia, Tornedos, Cyclones, Heavy Rainfall without Season in many parts of the World are not directly related to us due to geographical distance.


But we forget prevention is better than cure and giving serious attention to the problem in the first place will help us to stop the worst damage that is for sure in future, thus Environmental Charities have come up with the cause to protect Environment and ecosystem. In fact, Top Environmental Charities have decided to make Planet’s Earth suffering as the main core cause to deal with on a priority basis. These best environmental charities are voicing the required attention to harm that is taking its place and should be the first priority of individuals, society and country. Donate to Environmental Causes results not only in creating awareness among the individuals of the society. Environmental Charity Foundations also help those seeding corporates and entrepreneurs dedicated their life to finding the solution to existing various environmental problems. For reference – solutions to convert plastic a polluting material to use for better purpose, developing economic renewable energy, control and clear the water pollutions due to spillage from the mining and material extraction from water-bodies, ways to create pure air, treatments and solutions for soil infertility and treat huge amount of e-waste, medical waste and household waste created every day, by everyone, etc. This project’s completion is time-consuming and wealth consuming, thus requiring a capital amount to solve our created daily life problems, as these companies understand the impact of the problems that have been neglected by individual citizens.

When a donation is made for the conservation and protection of Nature, one is not just donating, one is contributing towards saving the planet. It is a driving force for the NGOs, Charitable Foundations, and Government to continue and work with a 10X force to free Our Mother Earth from pollution, by just opting – Donate to Environmental Causes. The donation for environmental causes is an investment with Tax relaxation one under section 80G of the Income Tax Department of India. This time is a critical time for taking action. Environmental Pollution is quite crucial to pay attention to, and no time to waste on overlooking that part.