Creativity just as significant as math and science

Nowadays, schools emphasizing more on math and science and art education have been set aside for later. The prominent focus on science and math is because the current market is filled with jobs in those fields. Everyone needs education in STEM subjects to stay competitive in this modern world.  While this is certainly not something awful, it takes away the importance of other education such as music, dance, etc. Many schools have cut the funding of art education. Maybe it is time to start refocusing on arts education.

Everyone understands the importance of art education. For example, when students play any musical instruments, it increases concentration and improves other skills such as numerical ability. Research shows that students who play music tend to do well in their math tests than the students who do not play any musical instrument. Arts education increase the creativity and innovation ability in student. Creativity can help students in problem-solving, and they can find more than one solution for any question. Following are the few importance of arts education:

  1. Art is nature

The famous philosopher once said, “Art not only imitates nature but also completes its deficiency.” Art is part of human nature. Humans have been making art since an early age. Archeologists found early handprint art by the human in Indonesia, dating back to 45000 years ago. Art is for the soul as food is for the body. It is essential for human nature. Humans are creative in nature, and they show their creativity through arts regardless of whether utilizing berries for painting or using wood to make houses. Even when we are little, we are given paper and colored pencils to create our own imagination. But when it comes to making art as a career, many people back out because the art field does not guarantee much financial support compared to other fields.

  • Art enhances academic education

Students engaged in arts have great academic achievement compared to students who are never engaged with art. Arts education motivates kids to do wonders in and out of the class. It assists students with school, develops participation and mentalities, expands inspiration, and enhances academic performance. And students do not need to use an online assignment writing service to get assistance in education. Students who have lower financial status tend to get prominent advantages from art education. Low pay children profoundly occupied with arts have more chance to graduate than the students without any art education and have a five percent lower dropout rate.

  • Art improves memory

Suppose you want to improve your children’s memory by doing homework on time, cleaning teeth before bed, and remembering where they put their socks. Music might be the best solution. Research shows that investment in music from childhood can help in improving memory. Kids who are exposed to music at an early age can assist in remembering a word’s sound and its meaning. Indeed, even adults can improve their memory by just listening to songs.

  • Art improves creativity

Art and creativity are connected with each other. You will get more innovative the more you work on your art. Art inspires people; even just looking at art can generate innovative ideas in your mind. It might be sound obvious, but art enhances your child’s creativity and benefit him throughout his life. Students foster new innovative abilities when they make art and play music. These abilities will further help them down the road. Seventy-two percent of employers say that innovation is the first ability they see when they hire someone.

  • Art and music enhance reading skills

University of Southern California brain and creativity institute stated in a 2016 study that kids’ brains grow quicker with music and art, especially regions related to reading abilities and language understanding. For little kids, language speaking ability increase by making arts. Little kids learn words by making shapes and arts. If you want your children to start speaking early, encourage them towards art and music.

  • Art improves social skills

Only sports do not enhance social skills; the group of music band can also help in improving social skills. Music concerts and gatherings can help kids by improving significant fundamental abilities like leadership skills, teamwork cooperation, how to relate with others, and discipline.

  • Art increase critical thinking ability

Art involves creativity which increases critical thinking ability in kids. Art helps in visualizing information. Learning through drawing and arts creates visual images in mind, which help students to decipher the information. Concerning music, there is a study that kids who play piano scored more in reasoning tests than those who do not play.

  • Music and art build confidence

When children foster new abilities and innovation and work on those abilities through practice, they begin to trust themselves and build confidence. Studies show that when students participate in arts and music and analyze arts to one another through feedback. It helps them increase self-respect and confidence.

  • Art creates cultural awareness

Participating in art and music can create cultural respect in kids’ minds. Children read about new symbolic art and get curious about that art’s history and its cultural aspect. It helps them understand the different variety of society and their culture. Seeing a different culture through painting and sculpture makes them curious to know more about that art and its culture, and they start reading the coursebook for deeper understanding.  Also, listening to new music or investigating new musical instruments assist kids in learning more about its history and culture. Art and music associate different societies and cultures by feeling connected.

  1.  Art and music create discipline

Learning art and music shows kids the significant idea of discipline. While few kids might show natural ability in a particular space, constant practice is key to improving. When kids get interested in art, they want to be the best, and they start practicing even outside of the class, which instills discipline. Discipline will help children in various parts of their life.

It is an undeniable fact that science and math are necessary to survive in today’s world. But art also has its own importance. If science provides the answer to all our questions, it is the art that asks questions in the first place. And it is innovation and creativity which is significant even in the field of science.