Clay Poker Chips: A Guide

Here is an intensive guide between Clay Poker Chips and Composite Poker Chips, the two most popular poker chips on the market.

Clay Poker Chip Set

To sort things out, “Pure Clay Poker Chips” haven’t existed since the 1950s because playing with Pure Clay is not durable since the chips would be brittle and break easily. Nevertheless, Clay is a highly demanded material in the Poker Chip Industry, and there are all kinds of clay chips to back up this fact. Modern-day clay poker chips are a combination of clay and other materials such as chalk which are combined to make it more durable and easier to play with. Clay Poker Chip Sets give a better texture than most chips. They have a comfortable quality attached to them. These chips provide a better feel than plastic and composite poker, and they are also lighter than their counterparts, which makes them easier to play with. Clay poker chips usually last around 5 to 6 years, and they are typically bought by Casinos.

Clay Composite Poker Chips

These types of chips are made from metal and clay. Hence they get the name “composite” since they are a mixture. Clay composite poker chips are slightly expensive because they have high demand in the market. Composite Clay Chips also happen to b the most common type of chips that are sought out for and bought. People preferring buying these chips because they last for a longer time and are worth the investment. These chips are more durable than regular clay chips because they are not brittle and do not break easily. Since clay composite poker chips have metal in them, they are heavier compared to other chips. One thing to remember is that Composite Chips and Composite Clay Chips are two utterly different kinds of chips. Most buyers get confused with them, so it is advised that you do a good amount of homework before buying your chips.

Custom Clay Poker Chips 

Custom-made chips are the best type of chips for gifts and special occasions. While designing the chip, the buyer has the discretion to choose their material; in this case, it would be clay. Later the buyer can choose their own color, add logos and texts to their liking. These chips can also be used as a token for promotion or a unique accessory. Custom Clay Poker Chips are expensive since they are specially made for an individual or a particular event. Nevertheless, it makes a good souvenir while playing.

Be careful when you choose your Clay Poker Chip, and remember to have fun while playing!