Claw Couplings – Features, Uses and Applications

What are Airline Couplings?

Airline Couplings are a series of quick release style of couplings designed specifically for use with air lines and air tools. These couplings are used in applications where they connect compressed air tools to a compressed air line. An Air Line Coupler assists a tool with easy connection and disconnection to a pipe or a hose when the air is compressed, for instance, where equipments are movable or line needs to be disconnected frequently.

A coupler aids in sustaining the efficiency of the air tools by maintaining a constant flow of air and pressure within hose. A durable and reliable air coupling and fitting facilitates safety and efficiency of your air tools. Today we will specifically discuss about Claw Coupling, benefits and application in the industry.

What are Claw Couplings?

Claw Coupling is a universal coupling that comprises of claws that are rooted on each face of the coupling. These claws find their functioning in corresponding notches on the opposite faces. These couplings are so designed with universal claw that enables various hose sizes and nominal bore sizes to be connected. Most commonly used for transferring air and water, they are not apt for steam conveying. Offering quick, reliable and safe connections, Claw air line coupler allows efficient hose assembly connection by simply two parts together and turning.

Features of Claw Couplings

Airline couplings are available in variety of materials including steel, casting iron, plastic, brass, aluminium etc. The material depends on its application and what it is connected to. However, irrespective of the material, Claw Couplings have some set features and benefits in its bag. Below are some of its universal features.

  • The overall length of a claw coupling is short, implying that they take a large amount of space on the shaft.
  • The elastic element of the coupling absorbs vibration and dampens shock loads and thus helping to extend the life of surrounding equipment.
  • The angular, axial and parallel shaft misalignment can be compensated with the help of this coupling.
  • The claw coupling is design in a way to offers easy maintenance and thus reduced downtime and labour requirements.
  • Given its design, this coupling has versatile nature and thus suitable for use in a range of applications across a variety of industries.
  • A special rubber gasket is resistant to temperature changes and thus maintains the tight seal.
  • The robust claws of the coupling can endure rough handling in any situation without deformation.
  • Oil-resistant rubber ring
  • Standard Coupling heads allows the interchange ability of all sizes irrespective of the fact whether the mating coupling is female, mail or hose tail.

Application of Claw Couplings in Industry

With its special design and standard coupling heads, Claw coupling offers a variety of application in the industry considering its versatile nature. Below are some of its functional uses in the industry.

  • Underground and surface mining
  • Construction industry
  • Mineral processing
  • Pumps
  • Compressors and Air Tools industry
  • Hire companies
  • Conveyors

Safe Practices for Quick Airline Couplings

Quick disconnecting coupling can sometimes stop working without warning. It is advisable quick safety check up prior to the operation and make sure to inspect and replace the worn out parts. Below mentioned are some safety measure to be takes before you indulge in any operation.

  • Always remember to wipe the coupling cavities and faces before making a connection with coupling.
  • To ensure proper working of the coupling, ensure to connect it before installation.
  • Always inspect the body seals before connecting the coupling.
  • Make sure the power source is cut-off before connecting the coupling.
  • Do not forget to install a Safety check valve on an airline or compressor.
  • When couplings are not in use, apply dust caps or plugs.
  • Check the safety lock in case of inoperable locking sleeve.
  • Keep your eye protection handy while connecting or disconnecting a coupling.
  • In case of claw coupling, ensure that safety ring is tightened after coupling to avoid accidental de-coupling.

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