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Brooklyn’s Truck Driver Won $298.3 Million (Rs. 2144.2 crore) Powerball Jackpot & Quit Job

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Ever dreamed of winning the lottery? Of course, you have! Everyone has! Everyone has a detailed idea of what they would do once they do win the lottery, the places they would visit, the cars they would buy, and the kind of house they would want to buy. Well, for one truck driver from Brooklyn, this is no longer just a dream.

David Johnson’s Mind-Blowing Story:

The 56-year old truck driver from Brooklyn, David Johnson, won the New York’s Powerball jackpot worth $298.3 Million (INR 2144.2 Crore) after buying $5 (INR 357.18) worth of tickets from the local gas station. Johnson works for Iberia Foods and reported for work on December 26th, 2018 despite being sick to collect his paycheck. After the day’s work, he stopped at the local gas station and bought the tickets. 

When his colleague called him the next day and told him that someone who bought a lottery from the gas station won the jackpot, Johnson never thought it could be him. He checked the board at the station and couldn’t contain his excitement and joy. He rushed straight home after hearing the news.        

Johnson will receive $114 million (INR 1025 crore) after deducting taxes which is still a huge fortune. Quitting his job, buying a new home and a red Porsche and hiring a team to manage his finances, are Jonson’s future plans right now. Driving did pay well, but it was hard work and he would love to spend the rest of his days having fun and creating memories with his family. 

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