Broken Hand – What You Must Know

Our hand is made up of numerous bones, 27 to be very precise involving the ones in the wrist. The framework of the bones in the hand is so well made that they allow easy movement for daily work. Things become difficult when the person becomes unable to use his/her hands properly and this condition generally occurs in the case of injury to the hand.

One of the most common injuries seen in the hands is a fracture. It could occur due to one or the other reasons. Trauma is most likely to cause a fracture in the hand. Besides this, athletes who play contact sports are also likely to experience hand fractures. When a fracture occurs, it is generally accompanied by pain in the injured area along with swelling. In certain cases, swelling may also be seen.

What are the Causes of Hand Fracture?

A fracture generally occurs due to traumatic injuries like car or bike accidents, falling directly on the hand, or contact sports injuries. These are the common causes of hand fractures in adults and younger ones. While hand fracture could also be seen due to low-impact injuries in elderly people with diseases like osteoporosis & brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) that result in weakening of bones.

Do Hand Fracture Require Surgery for Fixation?

In general, fractures in the hand can be fixed without any need for surgery. Once the orthopedist examines the X-ray report, he/she could decide to immobilize the broken bone fragments using a cast, splint, or a brace depending upon the situation. This is because most hand fractures are stable and they can be healed without surgery. The doctor may call the patient 1-2 weeks after immobilization to check the progress of bone healing.

Besides this, there are certain instances where the fracture is serious and that could not be healed with the application of a cast or splint. In those cases, surgical fixation is required and the fractured bone fragments are immobilized with the use of a Hand Fracture Plate or Titanium Orthopedic Screws. Correct alignment of broken bones is necessary, and the correct use of trauma implants will ensure that.

In some conditions, wires and Bone Screws may also be applied without any open surgery. While on the other hand, if the bone is crushed completely due to crushing or serious injuries, bone grafting could only be the solution left.

Complications Associated with Hand Fractures

Surgical fixation of hand fracture is known to prevent many complications, but there are certain other complications that may also be seen:

  • Loss or inability of range of motion of fingers
  • Reduced strength of the hand
  • Stiffness may also be seen in fingers & hand
To treat these complications, hand therapy is the best option.

One thing to be remembered with the use of orthopedic implants is to ensure that they are of excellent quality. Using low-standard implants could be harmful and may cause serious complications after the surgery.

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