Application of Psychometrics in Recruitment

We all know that the concept of selection is inherent in the process of recruitment. But since employee selection is a critical function organizations should do whatever is required to make the activity effective. The several techniques of hiring are worth trying in addition to implementation of all the principles and procedures of general selection. Using the typical frameworks to access job seekers is an effective way to hire the right candidates.

Competency Based Hiring Techniques

The idea of choosing the best suited candidates for the post in the organization has come repeatedly while discussing recruitment and selection. The job description and the candidates assessment sheet will help identify competencies required for the role. This includes what related people related an organization related competencies. Together these traits help prepare the competency framework. The competency framework shall be the basis for selection team and interviewers to identify questions to be asked, criteria to be considered and heading to be made. The psychometric test is greatly favoured while choosing a candidate for an organization. Psychometric tests fall under the category of the psychological assessment tests that follows the fundamental concepts of psychometrics. Psycho metricians on industrial psychologists objectively measure the skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes, educational achievement and personality traits of the individual being decided on to get hired.

Selection practices in hiring skilled and managerial personnel are fairly well defined and systematically practised in India. Particularly in hiring managerial personnel and executives, a lot of professionalism has come in, thanks to the realization that these individuals are difficult to come by, and no effort is toogreat to attract them. Specialist agencies are available whose services are retained for hiring technical and managerial personnel.

Selection Team and Techniques

The role of the selection team is critical in making employee hiring highly effective. The team ensures that the right procedures are in place and the same are implemented in the right spirit. In many companies, the selection team is subordinated to the chief executive officers or the managing directors to ensure that the hiring team is accountable for the cost per hire, time to hire, and quality of hire respectively. The hiring teams also serve as a window to the talent world and alert the organization about the market trends and the best practice that can be absorbed. Hiring team needs to keep track of the movements of in-house employees. They often get to know about any possible takeover before it is made public and tend to exit, citing the same as the reason. The questions they ask while moving-in and moving-out should alert the management about the brand image of the company.

To be precise selection is a critical step in employee hiring. More than the benefits of effective selection, consequences of long hiring are too damaging to be ignored. Further, any wrong committed at the recruitment stage can be rectified at selection phase, but wrong selection is extremely difficult to set right. Selection is said to be right when right people are hired for right jobs and at the right time.