Amazing Things To Ponder Over With Pregnancy Kicks

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A pregnancy would seem surreal till you face up to the first kicks of a baby. Till that point of time the main symptoms of pregnancy would   be nausea along with morning sickness. Once with a kick counter wristband you are able to feel baby kicks, pregnancy becomes real. This promises to be an exciting phase in the life of a would be mother.

Like most other pregnancy facets, there are some interesting trends with pregnancy kicks. If your baby is small they have enough space to move around the womb. But once they become older, size increases and feels constraints of movement. Do not expect your baby to stay in this manner. Just prepare yourself for a lot of activity at this point of time.

Each baby is different and so too are the kick patterns. Certain factors are there which a would be mother uses to figure out whether her pregnancy is on track. A pregnancy kick counter would be of immense help at this point of time. Let us now observe some interesting facts about a baby kick

Kicks would point to the fact that baby is not in distress

The best thing about baby kicks is that the baby is fine and not showing any signs of distress. It would be the best way to find out that things are ok with your baby. Movements would evolve over a period of time. Once the baby becomes full and fills most of your womb, due to lack of space movements will be slower. They are strong and going to follow a definite pattern.

No fixed time frame can be set when the baby is going to start kicking

Once pregnancy is identified, the first thought at the back of your mind would be when the baby will start to kick. You might be in a state of confusion with various questions being posed by people around you. But take into consideration the fact that every pregnancy is different. No clear cut rules can be set when a baby is going to start kicking. Some could feel in the early stage of pregnancy whereas for others it could be at the far end. This could also vary in case of pregnancies in case if you had kids before.

A suggestion would be to track kicks of the baby

Medical experts suggest that you should track kicks of the baby to gauge everything is fine. This does not have to be done on a constant basis, just set yourself a particular time of the day when you can feel baby kicks. Note it down and figure out what is the frequency of kicks. Any variations would also help to figure out whether the baby is active or when they sleep.

Baby kicks increase in intensity at the middle of the night

The most frequented questions among would be mothers is why do intensity of baby kicks increase as the middle of the night. Mothers are known to lose sleep due to intense activity.

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