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7 Feng Shui Items for Home that Excite Positive Energy and Bring Good Luck

Feng Shui Items for Home
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Looking to bring home Feng Shui items? Do you want to create a positive environment around you? Feng Shui is an ancient theory that advises using specific items, placed at specific places to serve a defined purpose. These items can together improve the energy around your home and thus stimulate a better environment for you and your family.

As always, we’ve compiled a list of Feng Shui items for your home that will help transform your living space. The items we have in mind, have been listed below –

Educational Pagoda Tower

This item is a small replica of actual Pagoda Towers that can be found across Nepal, Japan, China & the rest of Asia. The tower has a wide base at the bottom that narrows on its way to the top. This is said to signify the increasing level of focus as one gets closer to connecting with heaven.

According to the laws of Feng Shui, this tower is believed to stimulate knowledge & thus enhances the progress one is making towards his/her goals in life.

You can find these towers made from all kinds of materials but it is advised to stay away from plastic & other synthetic materials as these will not serve the Feng Shui purpose.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha statues are Feng Shui items that hold significance in both Feng Shui & Vaastu beliefs. This idol is not only peaceful and positive to look at but also removes negative energies from the surrounding air that may harm you and your family.

Laughing Buddha statues come in variety of designs. Listed below are the various options you can find in the market.

• Buddha carrying a wo lu
• Buddha with gold coins or sack
• Laughing Buddha with dragon tortoise
• Crystal laughing Buddha

Black Victory Horse

As the name suggests, this Feng Shui item is said to help one reach their goals and achieve the ultimate victory they dream of. Having this particular item at home will not only increase your chances of attaining wealth, prosperity & good fortune but will also add a touch of style to your home.

This item is said to fight off the negative energies that prevent you from using all of your potential.

Evil Eye

This is easily the most famous of the Feng Shui items one can buy from home. You would have seen these dotted around almost everywhere and for good reason too. The evil eye is said to protect you from ill wishers who may be part of your life or will cross paths with you at some point.

Hanging these above doorways is probably the most common and effective remedy against evil and negativity.

3 Tier Tortoise

This particular Feng Shui item is said to carry multiple benefits that can improve your way of life. It is most well known for stimulating a long and healthy life for those living around it. It is said to work best if placed in one’s bedroom. It also has a multitude of other benefits. Some of these have been listed below.

• Prevents anxieties
• Enhances your professional career
• Enhances the recovery process of your body

Yin & Yang Wind Chimes

Not only do these items add a sense of charm to your living space but it is claimed that the sound they make is said to cleanse the area around by removing the negative forces & energies present. This is said to help one lead a happy life as it removes the negative energies that cause stress.

If the Feng Shui benefits don’t please you, the simplistic beauty & variations one can find with these wind chimes is sure to win you over.

Bonsai Money Tree

In ancient Feng Shui beliefs, certain plants are said to have the ability to enhance one’s wealth. These plants, if placed within one’s home can channel a positive flow of energy that can fight off previously present negative forces that may have been preventing you from achieving your maximum potential.

These money trees can be found either as real-life trees or smaller decorative pieces. Both are said to have the power to help you gain wealth but of course, having an actual Bonsai money tree is considered more beneficial than having the replica.

So, bring home these Feng Shui items and let the positive energies take control.

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