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[A version of the column] Cleveland Brown: How do I learn to win the millennium?

With this week, “Ohio Debi” Cleveland Branda defeated Cincinnati, Cleveland’s local fans lost LeBron in the basketball team, the baseball team was first rounded after the first round of the game, finally ushered in good news: their football team actually Learn to win? ! This victory made Brown this season’s record reached four wins and six negatives. For the vast majority of the team, this is not a proud results, but for the fans of Cleveland, maybe they have opened it tonight. The body of the body, celebrate this “great” season:

How many “great” is “great” in this quarter?

If the Brown fans will be organized “winning party”, then the fans in the new England area will be nasal, this is nothing to do? For Brown in recent years, this season is really due to:

& mdash; & mdash; This week, the tiger was defeated, plus the rest of the throne, which made Brown achieved two consecutive victories, Brown has recently winning the three consecutive victories in the fall of 2014;

& mdash; & mdash; this victory makes Brown’s winning scene in the season to reach four more than four games, which has exceeded the sum of the number of winners in the past (four games);

& mdash; & mdash; four semi-victories are not worth boasting, but to know that Brown has recently been in the 11th season, this is the number fifth winner of their fifth game;

& mdash; & mdash; If you have been fortunate to win in the last five weeks, Brown will exceed five games in the last eleven season.

& mdash; & mdash; This season has not been higher than the Brown team. Not only does Bill and the America Tiger have come last season of the game, but there is still a package of packages and falcon!

Writing here, I can’t help but play a cold. Is it Brown to float or the author? Brown dared to fantastic more than five wins? !

Although the Brown is still ranked at the end of the United States, and it is very likely that the end is still this time, but I have to say that in the history of Brown for nearly ten years, the results of this season are indeed admire.

“Stable” selection creates the rise of the record

If you are paying attention to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the last decade, you must have a deep impression: Brown, raids and the three big winds of the Jagua are called the Menren “three do not fall the monument”, focus on the warmth of ten years, It is rarely returned to the team that they handed over, but in recent years, the raidists and the American tiger have throwing Brown to kill the playoffs, what are they relying on?

& mdash; & mdash; 2014 election conference, raid people picking Karlier Mark and Derk Carl in the first two rounds, after several years of construction, the raid will return to the season;

& mdash; & mdash; The Jasper is the first three rounds of Jay Ramse, Miles-Jack and Yarnick-Encrend, in the first three rounds of 2016, plus the first round of 2017 The selected Runner-Frand, eventually created the ranking of the Iron Army last year.

It is revealed that the impressions such as packages and 49 people. In recent years, their records continue to fall continuously, except for coach problems, mediocre drafts are absolutely unsained. All in all, the draft is related to the future of rebuilding the team.

Let’s review the Brown team’s god-level operation at the draft conference in recent years:

2011 & mdash; & mdash; that year Brown Trust Cornt-McKoo (that is, the recent replacement of Alex-Smith, led the red skin two-game losing defeat), so they do not pick four-point guard. The first round of the first round, when they can pick Camelon-Jordan, Muhammad, Wicker, Cameron – Hayward, Brown selected 320 pounds of defensive tidiers – Taylor, this The person hit cheap nfl jerseys wholesale tired in four years. The external handle of the selection is also the “off the king”.

2012 & mdash; & mdash; When Brown is holding four signs, when they are worried about the peak of Adrian Peterson, and hold the probes of the blossoms, it is possible to take the joggee of his heart, which is itself The general manager of Brown, Tom Hech, broke out, and then they got this exploration sign after speaking, and did they pick it up? The future only three years of cheap nfl jerseys from china Trent – Richardson! As for this “four-point jewelry”, Brown used the second first round to pick the old new Xi Brown-Vuitton Emperor.

2013 & mdash; & mdash; first round six sign, Brown selected Louisiana big rushing hand Pakitius Mingo, and his career has already turned four teams, and only completed 10 times. .

2014 & Mdash; & mdash; itself holds four signs, completed the Shuxue of the transaction, but the eight signs, but only got only in the league three-year ball, Justin Gilbert . As for the second first round, Brown, which urgently needs four-point guard, has selected Johnny Manzel that everyone avoided, then the person proves that no matter on the spot or the field, he is not a qualified profession. Players.

2015 & mdash; & mdash; Brown selected three signs in the first 51st position to choose the defensive tip over Dani-Shelton, offensive frontline Camelon – Eros and rushing hands in the interior – Ochad, now Three people have left Brown, but they have not proved their price at the time at the other team.

2016 & mdash; & mdash; first-round selected external hand in Journal – Colman not only completely adaptable to the road running of the professional alliance, this year, he is more than the coach – Jackson’s fierce quarrel Transaction.

Executive Vice President / General Manager from Tom Hector to Michael – Lombard to Lei – Fa Mer and Sassi – Brown, the election of the vision is poor than a difference, unable to get younger junjun from the election, and the future The core of the team (especially quadruping) is the most core problem of this team in recent years.

In addition, in the union of the hard wage, you can use the draft sign to get a high quality rookie, which is especially important. After all, use the big contract to the super superstar. It will not be able to use a low “child labor contract” to get stable and power. It is a “shortcut” that impacts good grades in the era of hard wage.

In addition to the above two problems, Brown is also facing the third big problem: there is no flower. The 2015 season Brown is disappointed only to play 3 wins and 13 losses, and then in the second year, they encountered a big blood, and the players who have expired in multiple contracts did not want to renew with the team. They didn’t avoid the expression of their true. Idea: “Brown is too rotted, I want to find a job that can win.” From the three spring of that officer, they have almost no professional bowl players, the only exception is already can’t play Robert Griffin II, the rest of the big name and star players are almost all relying on trading. Unless Brown gives a unable to reject a super contract, it will not be willing to take the initiative to come to Cleveland. This team is like a desert, and winning is like oasis and water sources.

The above, this has formed a very serious vicious circle: getting a high-class selection sign but picked up the core, and the results of the record can not keep the stars and sign the big card, and the score is worse. Such a reciprocated, in the past two seasons, Brown only won a ball.

And I opposite the rise of Brown’s results, privately thought that there was a dense relationship with excellent drafts in the past two years:

2017 & mdash; & mdash; Brown’s championship has no Hu Jun, but has made the most steady choice, picking up the Hand Mai Lee, and the second grade, he can complete a record, It is already a union of the league. In addition, two first roundabouts, safety Weijebrier Perpos and near-end Arms David – Although the rookie season is slightly lower than people’s expectations, this season is proud of them, they still played the leader. The level of power. As for the three-wheeled defensive cut off – August Chiobi is an accident.

2018 & mdash; & mdash; John Dorsaire, General Manager of the Africa, the first draft meeting of Brown, the selection of the championship and the four signs is the four points of Baik-Mefield and Corner Dand Dandel Ward, In many people, Brown is in “juggling”, and “death”, it can be actually, Melird proves that it is more fast to adapt to the professional system faster than Sam Dord, and it is absolutely possible to become Brown’s long-term signboard; as for corner Ward, 21-year-old he has become one of the strongest single-fire guards in the alliance. Two-wheeled Show Running Nik – After getting the main position, whether it is in contact with the number of codes that have been promoted, it is the efficiency of breakthrough, and now it is a large leading alliance, and four rounds take over Antonio – Kalaway It seems that the birth and Mayfield have a silence, the team sent Josh-Gordon, Karaway became Brown’s best outer attack.

Through two excellent draft elements, Jiavis, Randri, Jamie-Landel, Jie, Joe, who is obtained by two excellent drapers, Jie Joe, etc. Burt, Christian – Kokce, Duke – Johnson and others, players talent in place, the lineup is equipped, and the victory will naturally arrive!

young! Rough! But the attack and defense still have highlights

Just said, “The player is in place, the lineup is equipped, and the victory will naturally come”, but this is really very polite, because in my opinion, Brown is almost overflowing the screen talent (especially the defensive group), So far, the winning rate is less than 50%, then it can only be said that the level of the coach is too bad.

Brown has only 34.0% of the three-speed conversion rate (the fourth countdown in the alliance), and the overall defensive field is lost 415.4 yards (the league countdown second), a total of 102 yellow flags (alliances), four additions Only win the next game, plus coach and offensive coordinators have taken lessons, this team seems to have a lot of questions, four-fold five cracked, but countless problems, we can see some hope.

The greatest left disappearance of Joe-Thomas retired this spring, although Brown has not solved the problem of the left-trial, but the other four of the other four people have played quite good. Jackson tried to let the left knife, Joill-Toni, to let the left and tricks, let this year’s sub-show Austin Kiberts, but the regular season begins, Jackson is still let Nony Olympic returned to the left front, but let the new Xi Sward Harrison who have not been selected in the most important left-trial position, this decision has some adventures, but it has proved that the Brown offensive signed has all the alliance Eight’s pass protection success rate, and the road cover can also be fully adapted to one-on-one cover system, when the team sends away Carlos Hyde, Fu Diki-Chasing, the new show of the University of Georgia shows very powerful Patient, observe, and instant explosive power, is there a little bit familiar? It seems that I have a bit similar to Levian – Bell, the front line’s excellent cover plus the breakthrough capacity of the checked, which allows Brown Eastern Pavement Code Ranking League Eighth, Washing Bound Code League 12th, excellent road surface Attacks to make the basis for the pass.

I can’t imagine that Taylor only hit two and a half of the main positions gave Mefield, and they did not imagine that it seems that it is difficult to adapt to the professional offensive system. Former Haysman award winners, they actually play with color. When Mefield became a first-year, Jackson added a lot of university system scattered offensive stations and running, Brown’s offensive routing also became well, with very much left and right defensive, let the other party defensive this lost, then Let Mefield send the ball to the unmanned area, trough Bend Javis Randri, near-end Feng Enjoku and the three-speed Run Duke – Johnson gets the opportunity to advance after countless. Although Mefield occasionally mistaken, the team’s long biji attack is often dumb, but since the original run guards Freddy-Kashi Jusi takes over the attack, arrange more vertical attack routines, and wholesale jerseys encourage Mefield to run out. The pocket is complete, Jusseng’s understanding, the high shortcomings of Mefield caused a limited observation ability, now adding a set of ways to run the pocket to pass the pocket, it seems that Melfield and the team’s long attack has a long foot improvement.

If it is tuned on paper, the talents of the Brown defense group are at least the top ten of the league, but now their loss code and loss are the end of the league. Why is this? Let’s talk about the anti-run, this year’s snapshand will be released from Danny-Shelton, and now the two most important defensive disappearance of Brown, Augion Bimi and Trevon – Keli is a weight of 300 pounds. Square players, plus sometimes in order to increase the strength, the master handsome Greg – Williams will make the outer rusher Emanuel-Ogaba fight against the disappearance, let the weight lighter Jennad – Effrey debuted, so from the person’s body, Brown’s anti-run is very losses. What can be more difficult is that the use of Brown raids is 31.6%, the alliance is eight high, but the punching pressure is only 27.0%, the league is second, so it seems to Galigh and Austrian Enchaobie’s murder is very high, but the factual efficiency is not high, plus line guards often put on the raid, it is difficult to help the backlight against the defense and hug, Williams’s tactical arrangement is the biggest sin of the team’s defense. minister.

However, Brown’s defensive group also has a top part of the league, which is a manufacturing mistake! Today Brown has made 13 times, and the opponent is 14 times, a total of 27 manufacturing championships Right to transform, rankings second. Repeated period Brown has added four or five corner guards who have the leading level of the league. When people are in wondering Brown defensive array, Williams gives answers, first of all, he will get angular guards during the packaging work Ma Lius-Randl returns to the position of the university period, when the old corner Tailus Mitchell is reported, the original groove angle TJ Kari fill the outside, the original substitute safety Weight – Badi Carlhorn has replenished the slot, Brown defensive guards use enough lineup depth to pay the troubles from season promotion. The final defensive lator has created 6 times, 9 teleculations, became a few bright points in Brown defense.

Future plan? Change the team culture!

About Brown This season is, coach-Jackson and offensive coordinator Todie-Heli is also fried, the biggest advantageous, but also solves the difficulties of “two and no water”, but also resolve it. The entanglement and embarrassment of layoffs, I mean, even if Jackson can insist on the end of the season, maybe it will be cut.

Jackson has already used the coach experience in the raid and Brown. He couldn’t do it well in such a complicated work. He is definitely an offensive master who can find the other’s weakness, but it is definitely not a leadership team. Spirit leader, even if the player likes and love, it is called “the coach of the players”, but he is definitely not a qualified coach. So what kind of coach should be found in Brown in the future? There are three recommendations of private:

& mdash; & mdash; Dai Dafu, Aiki, Director, Dai, now the earth people know that Andy Reed’s disciples must be boutique, he can bring the “winning culture” of the chief to the Brown team, in addition to the crow John Hubble has proven that the Communications Group Coordinator serves as the coach and is absolutely helpful for the leading command.

& mdash; & mdash; Current Titan Offense Coordinator Mat-Leflu, this person follows Xiaowunanhan and Sean McDechnical art, and has a coaching experience with enough university attacks, this season is also complete The Titan team proved himself. If he can take charge of Brown Shuaiying, I believe that the growth of young offensive players such as Melfield will be more rapid.

& mdash; & mdash; Premaining the University of Dichigan Jim Hubble, for Brown’s young team, they need an experienced experience, can say that one is not two, a tough coach, Hubble is such a person, five years ago he is already in 49 people realized the task of leading the rise of the young team. Today, the Brown high level will never put huge pressure like 49 people. The 55-year-old Hubble should seize the opportunity, return to the professional station and try again!

In the long run, the final period of the court, Taylor’s big contract expired, Brown will take more than 70 million super salary space, next spring Levian – Bell, Dam Kong-Su, Jude Wien – Clanney, Branden-Glaham, DMC, Lawrence, CJ Mosley, Lanton, etc. will enter the free market, although Brown is not likely to round all big packs, but this season Brown’s record will make people see hope, let people feel that they are not a thousand-year bad team that cannot win, then “there is a lot of money,” should be greatly alleviated, if they introduce one or two Super superstar, plus young players continue to grow, and the qualifications of the Brown Competition in the next season will be absolutely possible.

This week’s game, when Cleveland’s 23rd & mdash; & mdash; Demolius-Randel completed the copy, immediately handed the ball to the get out of class, and quickly took the leader Jackson, the leader of the tiger. Jackson, this move You can understand that Landel is missing about Jackson, but it can also be understood as the “tuning” of Jackson. Of course, Brown team completed Jackson’s “Weiye” & mdash; & mdash; two consecutive victories in front of Jackson, the two consecutive victories.