5 Common Types of CMS Used in Web Technology

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In today’s world, every small to big websites needs to organize and maintain their contents. Now the content is the key to make or break your online business. While you search for Joomla hosting providers, web hosting providers and many others, it is also essential to know about the content management system.  There are different types of content management system that provides various benefits to your website. But when it comes to choosing it, you must select the popular CMS used in web technologies.

By going through the popular CMS used in web technology you won’t face any issues or won’t lack for the compatible features. Different top websites are using various CMS for organizing and maintaining their content. To know the most common types of CMS that are used, you will need to continue reading this blog.

1-) Component Content Management System:

This content management system is commonly used in web technology to organize the content effectively. The component content management system differs from a standard CMS. Instead of managing the whole content page by page it focuses on the components like photos, words, phrase, paragraphs and stores them in central repository. This CMS also publishes content on multiple platforms and act a consistent trusted source. The top benefits are

  • Reduces translation cost and saves time during editing, writing and publishing phrases
  • Improve the workflow for your content development team especially those who are working remotely
  • You can easily push contents in multiple channels such as mobile phones, website, blogs and etc.

2-) Document Content Management System:

This is the best content management system used in web technology that offers a paperless solution to manage store and track documents. The document management system gives automated solutions for sharing, processing, uploading the files without any hassle. The top benefits you get are

  • Eco-friendly as it saves paper and gives you facility to store it in cloud
  • Ensures that your confidential documents are in your hand by providing security
  • Access and manage the documents remotely

3-) Joomla:

Joomla is one of the most common types of CMS used in web technology. It is advanced CMS offers various latest functions beneficial for every business. With Joomla, you will get attractive user interface 3200 extensions, support for access control protocols, and works on shared hosting.

4-) WordPress:

The top CMS that is famous all over the world amongst bloggers to e-commerce store owners. This is probably the most popular CMS used in web technology. The developers made the interface so easy and attractive that it can easily be used by beginners to experts. From super-quick installations to customized themes, plugins and many other features, it is a complete solution for every type of website.

5-) Radiant CMS:

PHP is one of the most popular languages for web development and used in all CMS developments. But the radiant CMS is different from others. The Radiant CMS is built on popular Ruby Frameworks Rails. This is also the common type of CMS used in web technologies.

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