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Jones: Do not rule out the possibility of using the franchise tag on Bryant

wholesale jerseys for sale the Dallas Cowboys, despite running back DeMarco – Excellent Murray (DeMarco Murray) this season, but wide receiver Hernandez – Bryant (Dez Bryant) is still the number one target to renew the team. As they will become a free agent after the season, Cowboys owner Jerry – Jones (Jerry Jones) revealed this week, they both want to be able to leave, wholesale nfl jerseys online but if forced, will use the franchise tag on Bryant him.

Bryant this season, completed 14 touchdowns Lianpao Union, over the past three seasons he totaled 39 touchdowns. Because Terrence – Williams (Terrance Williams) and wholesale jerseys Jason – Witten (Jason Witten) mediocre this season, Bryant’s role and value has been repeatedly amplified. If you want to keep Bryant, the Cowboys may need to provide a level of at least 5 of the league’s top wide receiver contracts. In response, Jones is confident, he said he was confident that Bryant will always remain in denim.

Expert analysis, the Cowboys hope to reach an agreement as soon as possible with Bryant, then franchise tag wholesale jerseys for sale Murray. But if the negotiations stalled, the Cowboys do not rule out the possibility of using the franchise tag on Bryant.