4 Extremely Important Details to Pay Attention To When Shopping Online

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At first, online shopping alienates you if you haven’t visited at least one online shop yet and haven’t tried ordering anything and having it shipped to you. You may experience getting a bit lost and confused at where should you click and go and what important details to pay attention to.

If you are about to go online shopping or even if you’re already used to it, the list below will help you determine and even more understand the information which you must look at when you’re shopping online:



When you check an online shopping site, you don’t just check the products to see how good they are. Most especially, you look at their prices to see if they are also good for the budget on your wallet.

Take a look whether the prices they attach on the products they sell are actually reasonable. There are details regarding the material and the authenticity of the products too, so consider those things and think whether it’s worthy of its price tag.

If you visit an online shop or an online page on social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram, the prices are fixed; changes can happen through promos and certain markdowns.

If you go to an online shopping site that caters everything and that allows people to sell their own products, you will see different prices from those various people. That just means that it is possible for you to see the same product from two different online shops sold at different prices. Still, you must be cautious when choosing the cheaper one because there might be hidden charges or bigger shipping fees.

If you think that the price is quite unreasonable, don’t order anymore. Look from another online shop or try to search for a physical store that sells what you’re looking for.



Sometimes, you might overlook but as much as possible, always check out the location of the seller. High shipping rates happen especially if you don’t belong to the same location or if the distance is really big. If the seller is from the province and you’re in the city, expect that the shipping fee is costly.

Also, think carefully if the location can affect your trust towards the seller. If the location is in a very far province, it will be difficult for you to make any sudden changes. Also, if you need to reach the seller for any complaints, it will be a bit hopeless just by thinking of it.



Those people who previously made buying transactions with the online shopping site can help you decide whether to purchase a certain product or not at all or whether to trust the online shop or to be suspicious about it.

Reviews will let you know customers’ thoughts and experiences. It’s a good bonus if they include photos of the products they received together with the comments they leave.

Ratings can be given to the online shop and to the products too. They can indicate whether the reliability rating of the shop is excellent, fair or bad and whether the quality of the products is excellent, satisfactory or poor.




It is important to always clearly take note of the dates that the seller indicates on the products they sell. The Deadline of Order (DOO), Deadline of Payment (DOP) and Shipping Date are the most significant dates to keep in mind.

If you’re really looking forward to buying a certain product but still waiting for something before finally ordering, set an alarm or a note for yourself because you might forget the DOO and miss the chance to grab the limited offer.

Forgetting the DOP terminates the validity of the order form you submitted. Paying confirms that you’re really decided to get the product and that the seller will really have to reserve products under your name. Unless Cash on Delivery is allowed, this will not be a huge problem.

The shipping date is very crucial. It’s finally the time when your product will be brought to your address. Based on your personal communication with the seller, you will know when exactly will the delivery be or when approximately will they be contacting you, informing you to expect your product’s arrival. If you miss this, you will be receiving your product on a delayed date unless you can have someone trusted to sign the proof of receival.




Online shopping is surely one of the most helpful things today especially to those who enjoy shopping. Always remember, however, that there are also dangers and disadvantages which you can avoid if you are very careful and keen to details as you shop.

Take note and have a sharp eye on the above-mentioned details because they are the most important information that will either make or break your decision to purchase a certain product from a particular online shopping site.


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Zapals Online Shopping, an internationally renowned, global shopping website, providing a vast range of high quality products at affordable prices, with offices in Hong Kong, China and Australia. Online shopping and electronic gadgets are some of the many topics Nicole writes about. She gives tips on wise buying and utilizing.

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