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Gronoski Canon Booms Safety: I lost him out of the field

In last week, wholesale nfl jerseys china the new England patriots take 42-20 victory in the competition of the Indianapolis, the patriots near the front of Rob – Gronkowowski and Xiao Mavan Selgio-Brown (Sergio brown) conflicts. In the Jonas Gray completed the one-time attack of the 4th shocked ball of the individual single, Gronoski has launched Brown.

The conflict of the two can be described by a thin word in the movie “The Blind Side”: “It is time to go home.” Afterwards, Gronoski also gave his behavior at the time. Explanation: “He has been talking nonsense in my ear. So, I decided to lose him out of the field.” The disputes of the two continue to the field from the field, after hearing Gronoski explained, wholesale nfl jerseys Another party Brown also did not retreat, he said he did not fear his opponent on the network social platform.

In fact, Gronoski and Brown have dualistic effect on patrigoes during 2010 and 2011. But the two do not leave the front teammates. In the competition, the behavior of Gronoski was sentenced to 15 yards. The Alliance will study details in recent days to decide whether to fined penalties.